Parking and transportation office offers solutions to parking woes

Finding late morning or early afternoon parking at UCCS has become a task of its own, with full lots and cars clogging campus’s small intersections reminiscent of downtown rush hour.

These rushes can cause unexpected delays in students’ already tight schedules. To help students stay on schedule, Parking and Transportation Services has a few tips and parking location suggestions that will help students avoid traffic and get to class on time.

The executive director of parking and transportation services, Jim Spice, says that the cabinet’s decision to offer free parking for staff this year has led to more crowded parking on the main campus. However, students still have access to many parking lots outside the main campus when these lots are full.

Assistant Director of Parking and Transportation Services Matthew Beckwith suggests that students park in lots farther away from the main campus and use the shuttles. Campus shuttles run from 6:40 a.m. to 10:40 p.m. Monday-Friday and come to each stop every 15-20 minutes.

“Everyone can ride that free shuttle from those lots that are a little bit further out. We do have Lot 103, we have those free 500 series lots. For students, they’ve already paid for it with the Transportation and Safety Fee, so it’s really more prepaid with the fee of the students once you’re enrolled,” he said.

Depending on their permit, commuter students can park in the 100, 200 and 500 series lots or on Levels 1, 2, 4 or 5 of the Gateway Garage. Spice says that the Gateway Garage always has plenty of vacant spots. “Level 4 and Level 5 of the Gateway Garage, the one here on the main campus, is always the last to fill on the main campus, and then it still has a lot of available spaces,” he said.

Commuter students who do not want to drive to campus can also explore sustainable transportation alternatives. Students can try forming a carpool, and Mountain Metro has a stop on campus for students who prefer public transportation.

Biking is also a sustainable method of transportation. Students can store their bikes in the bike racks or rent bike lockers on campus and will have access to a more secure storage facility in Alpine Garage soon.

“It is going to be finished probably within the next week or two. It’s going to have the ability to rent a space within that structure, and it will have a video surveillance camera at the entrance so that it is a little more secure as well as a swipe card access into the facility,” he said.

Parking and Transportation Services is still selling fall semester parking permits for main campus. Students can use their student parking portals to buy permits or register to use the 500 series lots. They can view a map of all the parking spaces here.

Photo caption: UCCS parking lot located outside of the University Center and Centennial Hall. Photo by Kira Thorne.