Pass/fail grading option to help students preserve GPAs

April 21, 2020

As a result of the transition to remote learning last month, some students are not able to achieve their full academic potential this semester. Faced with the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new academic conditions it has set for UCCS, some courses are now offering a pass/fail grading scheme. 

     The optional grading scheme awards students either a “Pass” or “Fail” at the completion of their course. This alternative method allows students to preserve their GPA and academic standing if they are academically impacted by recent events.  

     Only two courses, or a maximum of six credit hours can be graded pass/fail. 

     Students considering the pass/fail grading scheme should contact their advisor to ensure the option applies for their college and degree path, as regulations vary between disciplines. A grade of pass (“P”) may not apply to some programs.  

     Additionally, business majors may not take any business courses on a pass/fail basis. 

     Students can opt into this grading method by submitting a Pass/Fail Grading Option Form ( by May 10. Students in short term courses that began on March 16 can also request a pass/fail grade up until the last day of that course.  

     The option to drop classes with a withdrawal (“W”) grade has also been extended to May 10. Short term courses can be dropped until the last date of the class.  

     Students also have the option to request an incomplete grade (“I”) instead of withdrawing from a course. According to the UCCS website, this option allows one academic year to complete the course.  

     For more information regarding the Spring 2020 remote learning grading system and resources, visit