Places to know on campus

May 13, 2013

Shelby Shively, Samantha Morley
[email protected], [email protected]

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Four Diamonds

Free parking for all students located on Nevada, a few lights north past Austin Bluffs. A shuttle drives students to and from the main campus and the parking lot. Four Diamonds tends to fill up fast throughout the semester. Early mornings, evenings, Fridays and weekends are ideal for the best parking spaces, and parking on campus is free on weekends. Carpooling is also recommended.

Recreation Center

The pool here can be rented out for parties. There is also a climbing wall, basketball court, running track, weight training equipment and various exercise machines. For $5 a semester, students can attend yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Zen Booty, hula hooping, meditation, flexibility and kick boxing classes. Avid gym goers can partake in personal training programs for a fee.

Summit Village

Each building is named after a Colorado ski resort, and the lawn is green year round. The Lodge, the dorm cafeteria, is also nearby. The dorms were recently expanded, adding 192 new beds to the complex.

Columbine Hall

The Writing and Oral Communication Centers are on the third floor. Dazbog, a coffee stand on the second floor, will probably be your best friend during the first week of the semester, midterms, finals and everything in between (as long as you have the money). There is also a computer lab on the second floor for all your social media needs.

Parking Garage

Parking spots here come in handy during the winter, but arrive at least an hour before class to fight for a spot. Visitors pay $1.75 per hour but no more than $8 per day. Students may purchase parking passes on the first level in the Public Safety office, but if you don’t sign up for one in time, you will be put on a waiting list.

Public Safety and Student Health Center

Pay for parking tickets at the front desk. Students may also request an escort to their car if leaving campus late at night. Flu shots, student health care plans, birth control options and various other medical services are available at the Student Health Center.

Osborne Center

Many science classes are taught here. If your roommates refuse to clean their dorm showers, feel free to use the showers on the first floor of this building.

Engineering Building

The first floor contains the Center for Excellence in Mathematics, which provides drop-in tutoring in mathematics, computer science, physics, statistics and engineering. A bridge connects this building to Osborne.

Kraemer Family Library and El Pomar Center

The El Pomar Center is located on the first floor. Here students can find the IT Desk, where they can get help to access their UCCS account. Some classes are also located on this floor. One class is equipped with state-of-the-art video cameras and microphones that are used to communicate with students at other schools. The library is full of reference tools, computers and study rooms. The Reference Desk can help you find research resources.

University Center

The bookstore is here, as well as the Info Desk, which provides IDs, directions and other campus information. The Scribe Office, MOSAIC, Copy Center, Clyde’s, Jazzman’s, Café ’65 and Berger Hall are also located here. Go to the Student Life and Leadership office to start a club.

Gallogly Event Center

Sport and large campus events are held here.

Centennial Hall

Primarily consists of labs and lecture rooms. The Galleries of Contemporary Art and the Center for Excellence in Science are located on the second floor.

Dwire Hall

Dazbog sells treats in the entry level. The Language Technology Center is located on the second floor. Here students can use free Rosetta Stone software to brush up on their language skills. Tutors are available for face-to-face sessions. This location is ideal for studying because cell service is rare.

Main Hall

Once used as a tuberculosis clinic, it now serves as a location for signing up for classes, paying tuition, advising, the Career Center and Disability and Testing Services.

Cragmor Hall

The place to go for all student financial needs. The Scholarship Office is on the same floor as Financial Aid. The Student Employment Office is also here on the first floor.

Forster House

The Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs is here. Take care of many military needs, such as submitting class schedules to VA offices. This is also the place to go to resolve GI Bill payment issues.

Lane Center

The new location of the Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Various nursing courses will be available here.

Second Parking Garage

Across the street from the Recreation Center, Alpine Village and Lot 9. Will have 1,200 parking spaces. It will also have a recreation field on the upper level where students will be contained by several feet of fence.

University Hall

Nursing and science classes are taught here. You can catch a shuttle outside Centennial Hall or walk here if the weather is nice. This is also the home of Theatreworks, which offers free tickets to students.