Poetry Café encourages poetry, will print student poems on coffee sleeves

Feb. 29, 2016

Rachel Librach
[email protected]

If you are rhythmically inclined,

Or just want to test your skills, see what you will find,

Enter the library’s Café Poetry contest no later than March 1,

To have your poem printed on coffee sleeves and quench your creative thirst.

The Kraemer Family Library is holding the Poetry Café contest in honor of National Poetry Month in April.

Students and faculty who submit an original haiku or limerick by March 1 may have their work printed on coffee cup sleeves sold at Sanatorium Grounds. Profanity and vulgar language is prohibited. Multiple entries are allowed.

2,600 coffee sleeves will be divided by the number of student poem submissions, said Carla Myers, director of Access Services and Scholarly Communications for the library.

Last year, 47 poems were submitted. There have been 62 submitted this year.

Instruction librarian and assistant professor Emilie Vrbancic said that the library will accept and publish as many poems as they can until they run out of sleeves.

“This is an exciting program and we want to get ourselves outside the library as much as possible, and then get people in. It’s just something fun and new and exciting and it allows people to share things they created,” said Vrbancic.

The contest also brings awareness to the library and all of its services, Myers said.

“It helps remind people that the library is out there and we are more than books and documentary films, we have lots of fun stuff that goes on here as well. I think it’s a cool way for us to partner with everybody on the campus.”

Having an original piece on a coffee sleeve can be exciting for students and faculty, according to Myers.

“I know that last year I really enjoyed going over and looking at what poem I got on my cup and what I enjoyed the most was watching other students’ reactions,” she said.

“It seems to me that poetry and coffee really go together,” said Myers.

Kim Southcott, president of the Free Expression Poetry Club and senior nursing major, thinks the contest is a great way to raise awareness around poetry month.

“This is an amazing way to get people reading poetry, the library makes it super convenient to submit your work, and it’s a great way for students to get into writing poetry,” said Southcott.

The Free Expression Poetry Club will be participating in the event. The event is a great way to emphasize poetry and get students writing, according to Southcott.

“As a club we decided to submit poems and haikus to get us writing and get students aware of the poetry club. It’s an awesome way to get poetry club members writing and excited about April,” said Southcott.

The contest provides different perspectives and is inclusive of the whole UCCS community, according to Vrbancic.

“It’s really nice to see that so many people in the UCCS community, from students to faculty and staff, have already submitted their poems. It’s a way to involve a lot of people in a celebration of Poetry Month.”

Visit www.uccs.edu/library/poetrycafe_event.html to find the full rules and entry form for the contest.