Put effort into the social skills you don’t use

March 2, 2015

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

Surprise: the most important aspect of getting a job after graduation is not taught in the classroom.

Social skills are replaced by multi-thinking and multi-tasking that renders our communication useless during the most social moments of our life. The disease is spreading, and these important skills are quickly being overtaken by awkward moments and rude gestures.

But there’s a chance that our generation can recover from this sickness. Here are some of my suggestions:

For starters, smile.

At times it is a challenge. But the mere act of smiling can be enough to brighten your day as well as the days of others around you. Being in a bad mood can hurt your chance of connecting with other people and shouldn’t be an excuse to be rude to others.

Make new friends. Sometimes you need to be around a new group of people to make life better.

Meet new people. For jobs today it’s all about who you know before what you know.

Talk to your neighbors at Clyde’s and the bookstore, get to know your counselor on a personal level or meet a Student Government member.

College is the last step before the real world. Arm yourself with the best people around. Networking opens you up to opportunities that could have remained closed without knowing a person.

UCCS is known as a commuter school, so get out and about.

Be fluent in social and current trends. Besides the natural benefit of being informed, you make yourself smarter and arm yourself with the ability to carry or even start a conversation. This skill could lead to business relationships or new friends.

Finally, always say please and thank you. Manners could be the difference between a job and no job. An approachable person at the office is way more attractive than one who keeps to themselves.

Chances are you are going to have to work with people. Show your future employers that you have the means to carry on a conversation and be polite.

As I grow older, the social skills my mom showed me are seen less and less in my peers.

We don’t go up to the door and chat with the parents of our friends, we text from the car.

Be nice to one another, go up to the door and knock, call instead of text. Always tell your parents you love them.

Remember your social skills, they will come in handy.