Q&A: SGA president and vice president candidates, Mason Sowanick and Dale Mueller

Editor’s note: Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

This year’s SGA election has two tickets for president and vice president of the student body.

Mason Sowanick and Dale Mueller are running together and believe they are the best fit for the position.

Each of the candidates were reached out to via email and asked about their platform and ideas. Sowanick and Mueller chose to answer their questions together.

Presidential candidate Mason Sowanick (he/him)

Sowanick is a computer science major and serves on SGA as the senator of engineering. He has served on RaOC, BAC and UBAC and spent time as a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He believes he can use his experience in SGA to best serve the student population.

Vice presidential candidate Dale Mueller (he/him)

Mueller is an aerospace engineering major and a member of the DEB Solar Initiative Team sponsored by NASA. He programs small projects for various applications and games at UCCS.

What made you decide to run for your position?

The only way to make change is to actively pursue it. We want to make meaningful changes on campus that improve the health, well-being and culture by leading with transparency that eliminates the possibility of corruption.

There is no excuse for good men to avoid the hardships of solving the problem.

Why do you think you’re a good fit for this position?

As experienced and motivated leaders, we are both accustomed to addressing issues and taking charge. We strive to provide solutions that lead to the best outcomes.

What are your goals for this position/what changes do you want to make?

As a senator of engineering, I [Sowanick] am taking steps to make changes to the TAAP program. We will continue to find and support changes in areas that students feel need to change.

We want to improve campus health and wellbeing by helping lead the way to a new normal for safety and wellbeing.

We intend to lead SGA by example, attending regular meetings and supporting student voices.

We want to promote SGA as a group where students can bring their problems to be heard and solved. SGA is a vital voice for students on campus; it is through engagement with SGA that students like you can call for answers and make the changes you want to see.

SGA is projected to go into the next fiscal year with a fairly empty reserve fund. How do you plan to address issues with lack of funding?

We know there are difficulties ahead of us; we are a community and as a community we must come together to find solutions to those challenges. As student leaders, we will do everything we can to address all available solutions for those challenges.

Is transparency with the student body important to you? If so, how do you plan to ensure it? If not, explain why.

Our goal is to lead with transparency that eliminates the ability for corruption. The only way to maintain a healthy community free of rampant rumors and deceit is to maintain transparency and regular communication through the senate and directly to students.

How do you feel about the current state of SGA?

SGA should have a bigger presence on campus — not enough of the student population are aware of the voice they have. SGA needs to be known as a place where students can get problems solved. We would love to see more students know that they have a voice and learn how to use it, so their needs and concerns are met.

How do you plan to encourage student engagement with SGA?

We plan to encourage engagement through engagement. Talking to students, being present at events, in addition to regular attendance and communication with the senate.

Through example of what student government can do for the benefit of the student body.

SGA’s election week begins on March 4 and will end on March 8 at 4 p.m. Students can learn more about the other candidates on SGA’s website.

Voting for the SGA election will be online. Students can vote here and learn more about the referendums here.

Mason Sowanick (left) and Dale Mueller (right). Photo from the Student Government Association.