Q&A: UCCS’ local music artist Mayor Grey 

Junior Miguel Macalintal, also known by his stage name Mayor Grey, is an independent artist who has been making music in our midst. Macalintal, 21, is a general communication major with a general music minor.  

Macalintal spoke about how he wants his music to affect his audience, and what he’s most passionate about. 

What kind of music do you make? 

When I got started, the idea was that I was going to make music that people could sleep, make out or ugly dance to. I just wanted to make people move or have a feeling while listening. I think there’s beauty in the way music doesn’t require full engagement. We can tune it out, but it’s still affecting the vibe. I want to be the one filling up a sonic atmosphere around people. 

What kind of genre would you consider your music to be? 

Indie pop. I’m still in the process of figuring out my niche, but that’s the general umbrella I fall under. I’ve heard people describe me as Rex Orange County mixed with John Mayer? Bright and colorful but it still has that guitar tone. 

Do you see your music shifting in the future? 

I think so. I’ve always been into soul music, sometimes I get into phases where I’m really into ‘60s/’70s/’80s. I love looking back at those eras. I kind of want to try making something that’s more like modern soul music. As of right now though, I’m in the mood to make people move around. 

Why did you start making music? 

Music has always been a constant in my life. My mom taught my siblings to play guitar, and in turn, my brothers taught me to play. Sometimes we all play together, usually there’s somebody off in another room playing something solo.  

I can thank my brother for getting me into John Mayer’s music. John Mayer…Mayor Grey.  

My parents always thought that my music was great, but eventually they told me that I wasn’t going to be noticed if I was just making music in the basement. I got what they meant, but I never had much of a need to get out of the basement until I took a music business class. That was probably the best class I’ve taken in college so far.  

I worked painstakingly hard at writing, recording, and releasing “Cherry Cement,” and it was fun! It’s an experience I want to have again and again. When you write words in your room and come out to play a show and other people know your words, it’s crazy. Being onstage and able to connect with the audience is why I started taking it seriously. 

What do you want your music to make happen? 

There are those songs out there that hit just right, and they make you smile. Things like that are just killer. When it hits the right note that you were expecting, or if I’m able to tell a story, and I word things just the right way that make people go “Wow,” it’s right. Even if they just dance. Dancing can be so personal, especially when people ugly dance. If I can get people to full-on vibe to a song, there’s no better compliment to me, and I’ve done my job. 

Where can we find you playing in the next few months? 

Right now, that’s TBD. I’m working on a little EP, maybe four or five songs. I’m working toward a new project right now, and probably releasing a single from it. Beginning the rollout of this big project is when I’ll be coming out next. I’ll start recording in the next month or so. 

What kind of dreams do you have for the future? 

I’ve always had this dream of a stadium. I would love to headline a show, I’ll probably push for that once my EP is out. I’ll feel like I am where I want to be when I don’t even have to sing, and the crowd knows all the words. If I can get to that point, and experience that, then I’m gonna melt. I’ll explode. 

Is there anything coming up that your fans can look forward to? 

The EP I’m working on, it’s coming along. I still don’t really know the name, but as of right now I’m thinking “Olivine After Party.” I love the vibe of an after party, it’s kind of the falling action to a night. That’s where people are winding down, and they’re being themselves. As of right now, each song on the EP is a kind of story you’d hear from each person at the after party. I want it to be a collection of things you would learn at an after party… 

What do you think people should know about you and your music? 

That everything they’re getting is 100% genuinely me. It’s authentic. I always believe the best way to look at art and music is not whether or not you like it, but what percent of it speaks to you. I’m evolving and I’m going to fluctuate. You’re going to see the change and evolution, and I want people to watch me “grow up” with it and join me in the journey.  

Listeners can find Mayor Grey on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. 

Miguel Macalintal, or Mayor Grey, a UCCS student and general communication major with a minor in general music. Photo by Megan Moen.