Reasons why I choose to vote for Trump, why you should too

October 31, 2016

Kaitlyn Cameron

[email protected]

     This was never supposed to happen.

     When Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, few thought he would ever come this far, including me. He was just a billionaire celebrity who I was sure would drop out.

     Yet week after week, Trump rose in the polls, filled TV screens and captured our attention. His primary campaign was a huge success, and now he stands before us as the Republican nominee.

     I am also an anomaly. I am a 19-year-old, female, political science major and I support Trump. The press continues to inform us that young millennials, college students and women do not support him.

     Now, I understand. Why would I vote for Trump when he characterizes women in crude ways, spouts off on ridiculous topics and has less-than presidential mannerisms?

     Some accuse voters like me of condoning his poor remarks, settling for less and lowering our standards. Please allow me to set the record straight.

     I am voting for Trump because he is a man with a mission that is greater than himself. He is a visionary, which is why he has built such a successful real estate empire.

     I am supporting Trump, because I want to make America great again. As I check the box next to his name, I am voting for my future and for the future of my country.

     Trump will secure our borders, grow our economy and protect the Constitution. His goal is to better our country for everyone.

     Trump wants to ensure that our people are safe, one of the main tasks outlined in the Constitution for the federal government. He will cut taxes and unnecessary regulations for businesses, because he understands the economic principal that when some of the boats are raised, the others will follow.

     Cutting taxes will allow those businesses to create more jobs and expand in new ways. Most importantly, Trump will protect our Constitution by nominating Supreme Court justices that will interpret the law in a fair and objective manner, rather than simply legislating from the bench to promote their own progressive agenda.

     Trump’s policies promote a better future for my peers and me.

     When I graduate, I would like to enter the workforce of a robust economy that can expand beyond the Democrat’s four percent growth rate.

     When I graduate, I want to feel safe within our borders. I want to know that the Constitution has been preserved as it was intended and will be for generations to come.

     Yes, he has said many things I disagree with, and he is quite different from our usual Republican nominees. But this is exactly why we need him as the next president of our country.

     Trump has the ability to see the big picture: where we have been, what we are now and where we are headed. He has a better vision for our country’s future than his opponent, who is happy to maintain the status quo. He also has the competency to carry out this vision and make it a reality for our country.

     So I invite you to join me in voting for something bigger than yourself. Vote for the man who will “make America great again.”