Rec center aquatic resources shut down sporadically, summer repairs anticipated

     As the weather warms, people may start looking for somewhere to cool off — but UCCS students may have to look off-campus to find access to a swimming pool, as the UCCS Recreation Center pool anticipates upcoming closures for renovations. 

     The rec center has faced a series of maintenance and labor shortage issues, causing sporadic closures of the pool and hot tub this semester. Rec center facility manager Marcus Graves said that he hopes to have the hot tub working by May 23 and to bring more activity to the pool after some repairs and new employee recruitment. 

     Graves said pool closures happen primarily because of staffing issues, sometimes caused by sick leave.  

     “Due to the safety nature of the role, we can’t operate with less than two guards, so if the guards are ill we can’t open the pool. Our hope is that this will get better, but with the challenge of our current times it is uncertain if this will still be an issue,” he wrote via email. 

     Graves said that the hot tub has been closed since January due to a significant break in the main drainage line. 

     “Over winter break the water loss increased, at its highest point, over 20,000 gallons lost a week. Once we saw this sizable water loss, we drained the hot tub and shifted down operations due to high cost and water waste,” he said.  

The aquatics center located in the Gallogly Recreation Center. Photo by Meghan Germain.  

     He also noted that the rec center will be closed May 15-16 to begin repairs. 

     The rec center hopes to do further renovations over the summer and will announce more closure dates. Graves said that students can expect new poolside furniture and fresh tiles. 

     The addition of carbon dioxide will also help to maintain the pH levels of the hot tub and pool, and Graves emphasized the benefits that it will provide to the rec center’s aquatics. “We will see immediate cost savings, reduce our environmental footprint and improve our water quality,” he said.  

     UCCS students interested in lifeguarding or teaching swim classes may help lessen the number of pool closures. Lifeguard and swim instructor positions are posted on SEANS

     The rec center will offer a lifeguarding class June 3-5, and UCCS can help cover the cost. “If a student is interested in the class, we will assist with the cost of the class if they commit to working as a lifeguard at UCCS,” Graves said. 

     To view announcements from the rec center, students can follow them on Instagram or visit their website.