Rec center group fitness classes available to students

Lexi Petri 

[email protected] 

     The UCCS Rec Center offers group fitness classes to all students. These classes can serve as an introduction to working out or a regular part of a workout routine.  

     Amanda Brannon, coordinator of fitness, advised that the best way to get involved is for students to start attending classes and find one that interests them. The Rec Center offers a free week of group fitness at the beginning of each semester for all students to find a class they enjoy.  

     Brannon explained the benefits of taking group fitness classes as “motivation, accountability, proper form, variety, structure, meeting new people, reduction in stress and improved confidence.”  

     “Workouts are fun, music is upbeat and there is a class for everyone,” she wrote via email. 

     Goals are established for every class and instructor. An example of a goal in a strength class is “teaching proper form on exercises.” Zumba classes have the goal of having fun and getting your heart rate elevated. The goal of participating in classes is to feel confident and to take a break and relieve stress.       

     When attending a class for the first time, all instructors are ready to help regardless of experience or skill level. Safety is also the number one priority for instructors.  

     Zumba, Boxing and Restorative Vinyasa are the most popular classes students attend. HIIT45, Pilates, Cycle and Intro to Weight Training are also available, as well as new classes coming soon such as Functional Fit, Bootcamp and Cardio Sport.  

     Students can also become an instructor with campus recreation. They offer a certification course for personal training. They also offer a group fitness instructor certification course. 

     Schedules for all classes offered are changed and updated each semester on the UCCS Campus Recreation website and are posted around campus. Adjustments will be updated accordingly with new class additions. 

     Day passes are offered at $2 for those who want to try different classes before purchasing a FitPass at $20. The pass is also $10 during the first week of the semester. Campus Recreation offers a scholarship for students who are unable to afford the passes. 

     FitPass users will automatically receive updates about the sessions or classes being held and any changes or updates made. Updates will also be available to view on the website, social media, Campus Recreation app and the TV screens across campus.  

     Students can earn PIPs by participating in fitness classes. 

     See the UCCS Recreation website to learn more about the program, schedules, personal training, progressive training and body composition testing, or to purchase group fitness passes. 

Photo by Lillian Davis.