Regardless of weather, Colorado Springs has summer activities

7 May 2019

Valeria Rodriguez

vr[email protected]

For how unpredictable the weather has been lately, Colorado Springs has activities in store for this summer’s sunshine, rain or icy breeze.

If you are an introvert who prefers to relax at a coffee shop or an extrovert who enjoys bar hopping with a large group of friends, for the summer of 2019, the community offers a variety of activities for individuals or groups.

On sunny days, when a sweater indoors is more appropriate than outdoors because of blasting air conditioners, throw the knitwear to the back of your closet, strap on your hiking boots and slather on that SPF for a good old fashioned nature walk.

To those who prefer a more civilized approach to a hike, consider Garden of the Gods, the Incline, Red Rock Canyon Open Space or Palmer Park.

These outdoor spaces provide picturesque landscapes of the city and alluring viewpoints to the purple hues that of Pikes Peak illuminates. These parks are free of cost with the exception of potential parking fees.

Parking charges are mostly applicable to the Incline in Manitou, located around 25 minutes from UCCS.

As for the distance from UCCS to Palmer Park, the drive time is about 10 minutes, while Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon are between 15 and 17 minutes from campus.

During the summer these areas can be overcrowded by tourists and locals alike, however it is a great introduction to an explorer in the making before hitting the isolated woods found minutes outside Colorado Springs.

For the intermediate explorer, hiking spots like Seven Bridges or other marked trails found residing within North Cheyenne Canon Park, aim for a 25 minute drive from campus.

Free parking is available. Areas like Green Mountain Falls are a more secluded arena just outside of town and 30 minutes from campus, between Woodland Park and Colorado Springs.

This location is aloof, made especially for the band of brave wanderers or the lone ranger and his furry companion.

Despite the little town that lives beside this hiking spot, the trail does a fine job of engulfing the individual or group into the wilderness by scarcely encountering other hikers on the trail.

Other activities this summer include June Jubilee on June 14-15 at Acacia Park. This event is an outdoor artisan marketplace hosting music, food and the works of local artists.

On June 21-23, the Vintage Market Days will be held at  the Norris Penrose Indoors Event Center with ticket prices starting at 10 dollars for the access entry on Saturday and Sunday.

At this event, you will find vintage vendors from Colorado and 20 other states. Vintage goods found at this market include art, furniture and clothing.

During a rainy summer day, instead of hibernating at home, check out your local coffee shops. Outside the renowned coffee shops found downtown, consider trying Wayfinder Coffee Co. This cozy shop interior is reflective of early 1900s explorers. Think the aesthetics found within the film “The Mummy.”

Coffee and drinks are at a fairer price than at coffee shops located downtown, and this location fits introvert and extrovert students alike.

Amid a chilly summer evening, give local bars like The Archives or Axe and the Oaks at Ivywild a visit.

The Archives is  similar to a speakeasy, where you wander behind a kitchen to the basement of the building to enter the bar. This swanky bar is located in downtown Colorado Springs.

The Axe and the Oaks is a great go-to spot if you are a whiskey lover or even if you are not an immediate fan of whiskey. Although the bar does specialize in whiskey, the menu supplies many avenues for whiskey tasting that can be appealing to a whiskey enthusiast or those of us who have yet to acquire the taste.

Located on South Tejon Street in downtown, this bar is found in the basement of the Ivywild School and holds live music on the weekends.

Colorado Springs holds a variety of activities that are acclimated to a student interest from the outdoors to local markets, to the cozy indoors and nightlife. While the city is ever growing, the students of UCCS have the opportunity to explore and support local events and businesses this summer.