Reinventing the menu at Clyde’s

11 September 2018

Edna Newey

[email protected]

    As the fervor of a new school year begins to wear off, students may seek comfort in what is familiar about our beloved campus. Yet, with a slew of changes that have taken place since last spring, some familiar aspects of campus cannot be found.

    That is not a bad thing. Reinvigoration is the buzz about campus, such as with our new beehives, North campus being under construction, and changes in parking. Another such change includes a new menu at Clyde’s Gastropub.

     I was at Bingo Night when I first experienced Clyde’s new selection. While popping markers onto my card to win anything I could, my meal came. It was the seared salmon with lemon herb quinoa, honey roasted carrots and a cherry balsamic drizzle.

    Normally, I’m not the kind of person to Instagram my food, but I wish I had thought of it before devouring every morsel.

    As I ate, I had a deep sense of contentedness. The delicate florals of the honey carrots and the cherry balsamic fused with the citrus of the lemon quinoa and brought out the natural taste of the salmon, which had a delicate, crisp outside while retaining the tender texture of the inside.

    With so many changes that have been happening in concurrence with the new year, Clyde’s offered a familiar atmosphere. Yet, as I ate, I was reminded that change is sometimes a very good thing.

    In addition to seared salmon, the updated menu has many other changes to it. Among these are local microbrews and real-sugar sodas. Jeremy Tole, the manager of Clyde’s, tells me that he goes out of his way to ensure that Clyde’s supports in-season, locally-sourced products, which not only provide the best quality of products for students but also supports local vendors.

    One example of a culmination of a changed menu and local sourcing is a switch to a different hamburger patty. “These new patties are a bit more expensive, but they are good quality and sourced locally,” Tole says.

    Quality and price are of course always a concern for the consumer, but these concerns become more accentuated when the consumer is also a student.

    With the discontinuation of some items from the summer menu and addition of others, there is of course an opportunity to raise prices. However, not only are most items reasonably priced, they are also of higher quality and affordability compared to other establishments.

    Tole explains, “An order of 18 wings at Clyde’s is $16.50, but if you were to order that at Buffalo Wild Wings or Wing Stop, that single order would be over $20.” Furthermore, Clyde’s wings are also antibiotic-free.

    In a way, Clyde’s as an establishment is the champion of their audience. Affordability and quality aside, Clyde’s is a place that aims to welcome students, friends and family and invite them to switch off the stresses of life and enjoy time spent with good company.

    In addition to the casual atmosphere and the friendly staff, Clyde’s continues to host events such as bingo night, LGBTQ mixers, karaoke and provide free television covering sports channels. Clyde’s is also an avenue for which students, upon input, can curate a menu for other students.

    Feedback on the menu and suggestions for new items are always welcome at Clyde’s. Tole would like readers of The Scribe to know that “Clyde’s is a fun, outgoing place for all ages to enjoy.”