Remembering Mia Brown: UCCS community shares their thoughts and memories

On Feb. 12, 21-year-old nursing student Mia Brown died following a medical emergency at the rec center. 

Brown was from Lone Tree, Colorado. According to a bio she submitted in her first semester of nursing school, she was adopted from China and moved to Colorado at 2 years old.  

According to her bio, Brown was a senior studying on a five-year plan. She chose to attend UCCS because she had an interest in the nursing program and “loved the mountain view.” Brown was also an active member of Pi Beta Phi. 

People who knew Brown shared a little about who she was and some of the memories they made with her. 

Brooke Waller – UCCS student and one of Brown’s friends 

Waller is a junior nursing student. She met Brown in the nursing program and was set to graduate with her in 2025.  

She described Brown as being more than just a true friend; she was a caring, compassionate and kind individual. “She was a ray of sunshine in everyone’s lives. She had a remarkable way of making everyone feel valued and loved, whether through her kind words, infectious laughter or unwavering support,” she wrote via email. 

According to Waller, Brown was very passionate about nursing and dedicated to her academics, which she really admired. “She would have been an amazing nurse. I’ll always remember the moments we spent together, poring over textbooks and sharing stories of our dreams for the future,” she said. 

Waller said that some of her fondest memories with Brown happened when they studied together. “Mia and I would meet up at our favorite coffee shops (mostly Starbucks), and study: determined to conquer our coursework,” she said.  

Brown’s support and kindness are still present in everyone who knew her, according to Waller. “While Mia may no longer be with us, her memory lives on in the hearts of everyone she touched,” she said. 

Camilla Troudt – Nursing instructor 

Troudt was one of Brown’s professors and described her as “a hoot.”  

She shared an additional quote from Brown’s bio talking about what she was most excited for going into the nursing program. “I’m also so excited for this cohort because I feel like all of us can get closer and become that close community, especially going into such hard classes and semesters,” Brown wrote. 

Troudt said via email that Brown played a significant part in unifying the nursing program, noting that she was a mentor who helped all students, even those who weren’t part of her cohort. She said she misses Brown every day. 

“I am so grateful I was able to be part of her nursing school journey. She is missed everyday,” she said.

Photo of Mia Brown. Courtesy of Camille Troudt.