Rocky Horror to be shown at Berger Hall

Oct. 22, 2011

Catherine Jensen

A rock-musical that features some scared newlyweds, a “sweet-transvestite” from “Transsexual Transylvania” and performances that include a live cabaret show and birth via a tank, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is sure to excite another audience during its campus screening.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” or TRHPS, is a 1975 screen adaptation of a British rock stage play, “The Rocky Horror Show” written by Richard O’Brien, who wrote both the lyrics for the book and stage.

Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon star in the film following newly engaged Brad and Janet who, after getting lost in the rain, search for a place to make a phone call. They come upon a castle and inside meet Dr. Frank –N-Furter and a group of outlandish individuals holding a Transylvanian convention.

The night’s shenanigans include bringing to life the creation of Rocky Horror, dancing, a character riding out of deep freeze on a motorcycle and dinner that has been prepared from a mutilated body.

“It’s a fun show and we ask students to come with an open mind,” said Mitch Karstens, OSA student activities coordinator.

The show includes audience participation. People yell back at the screen or stage, throw props, dress up and act out the film. Participation, according to the history on the film’s official site, has been occurring in theaters since the early ‘70s.

Though people can feel free to participate by showing their familiarity with the show by dressing up and responding to pauses, viewers of this screening are asked not to throw things and will not be marked as “virgins” as is traditional, Karstens said.

“We felt like people might be made uncomfortable by this,” he said of the tradition. The practice is typical of live shows, during which those who have never attended a show and are visibly not participating are called out sometimes to come on stage.

Rituals vary by theater as do the number of virgins, so if you are considering attending a live show at some point, you may not get picked.

Once you have endured a live show of TRHPS in a theater, you cannot be marked as a virgin. With participation comes proper etiquette, as stressed by the official site.

Rules listed go like this: Don’t throw anything harmful and stick to things like rice or toilet paper; don’t make fun of others for dressing up; don’t be jealous if you dress up as a character and someone shows up looking better than you; respect the management, in this case OSA, and leave Berger Hall the way you found it.

Also, the tradition of calling the character Brad an “asshole” is appropriate but not every time you see his face on screen.

If you plan on bringing props, easy ones include a newspaper, flashlight, rubber gloves, party hat and a noisemaker.

A newspaper can be used to cover your head when Brad and Janet get caught in the rain; a flashlight to light up the theater during the “there’s a light” line of the song “Over at Frankenstein Place;” rubber gloves to snap during and after the creation speech; a party hat to be worn during the dinner scene and a noisemaker for the appropriate times.

Let’s do the Time Warp!

The Time Warp is an integral participation dance in the show. Though instructions will be given during the film and you can watch the actors for steps, here are some instructions to bring to the show just in case.

1. Jump to the left with your hands up

2. A step to the right (it is recommended you take a very wide step)

3. Now with both your hands on your hips, you bring your knees in tight

4. The pelvic thrust!

5. Hip swivel (with your hands still on your hips move them in a circular motion from right to left)

This is the first time TRHPS has been shown at UCCS and Karstens is hoping for a good turnout. “We are hoping that students won’t be afraid to participate and will have fun.” OSA will provide candy, soda and popcorn.

The Lowdown

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Oct. 28 at 8 p.m.

Berger Hall

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