Samsung wins against Apple every time

Mar. 7, 2016

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

You are unlike anyone on Earth. Your experiences have defined you in ways that make you different.

You’re not in college to blend in. You go to college to gain experiences and stand out. If we all wanted to be the same, then why are we here?

Why settle to be the same?

Why settle for an iPhone when you could have an Android?

It’s no secret these two companies are out to get one another, so much so they have encountered legal issues over alleged stolen features (finger print scanner, slide to unlock, etc.).

The names of their flagship models even sound alike (iPhone 6S and Galaxy S6).

While they share similar names, there is a world of difference between the two, or as I like to put it, heaven and hell.

I could never own an iPhone.

It may not be the newest option on the market, but the Samsung Galaxy S5 embraces key features that are distinctive to me and outlast an iPhone any day of the week.

The technical features offered by Samsung and other Android phones already beat Apple’s flawed design.

First, I can quickly return to 100 percent mobile life with a quick switch of my removable battery and be on about my day.

iPhones take forever to charge, almost three hours according to Forbes Magazine. In today’s modern world, that doesn’t work.

I can take my phone underwater without a case due to its water resistant design, available on the S5 and the highly anticipated Galaxy S7. This protects me against accidental spills and life in general. iPhone doesn’t.

The S5 expandable storage allows me to ditch the cloud and upgrade my SD card on my phone externally, a cost effective way for more memory that travels with me wherever I go.

It is beyond my comprehension that people would buy a phone without having these money saving, basic accessories that truly work for you.

As a college student I don’t have the money to continue to shop with Apple after the purchase of a new phone.

Apple makes it harder to go across multiple media platforms such as using Microsoft Word or having a different music service without jumping through hoops.

Apple sucks you in for life, which is why they continue to see great sales.

My Galaxy S5 remains one of my most prized possessions not just because of its technical abilities, but by how it continues to be different in a world full of the same.

Android allows you entire freedom over your operating system. You can choose texting apps, use multiple web browsers and set them at default with ease. Apple highly discourages this, if not making it impossible to do the same.

Samsung created not just a phone, but a vibrant accessory that is as customizable as the personality of the individual that buys it.

The amount of friends I see that blindly follow the herd of iPhone sheep is, for lack of a better term, too damn high.

Yes, iPhones are nice, and they’re backed by credible history and a model that obviously works for them.

But I choose not to conform. I like being different and having other options available to me. Why blend in when you can stand out?

Why settle for an iPhone.