San Juan residence hall on schedule to open in fall

Mar. 28, 2016

Joe Hollmann
[email protected]

San Juan residence hall, the final installation to the Village at Alpine Valley that includes the 2015 additions of Roaring Fork Dining Hall as well as La Plata and Cucharas residence halls, is on schedule to open in August.

The residence hall, which is in compliance with UCCS’ policy of only constructing LEED Gold certified buildings, will add the final 223 beds to the total of 515 beds in Village at Alpine Valley.

According to project manager Carolyn Fox, San Juan has escaped delays and extra costs, staying on budget. San Juan will be the final addition to Alpine Valley’s total cost of $74.5 million.

Ralph Giese, director of Residence Life and Housing, agreed that everything is on track.

“San Juan should be turned over to (UCCS) late June or late July,” he said, adding that site work such as landscaping will continue through Aug. 1.

Giese said weather may affect that schedule.

“The biggest unknown is spring weather,” he said.

Giese added that last year’s spring rain delayed construction on new buildings such as La Plata, Cucharas and the Rec Center expansion. But he is confident everything will go according to plan.

“The building is dried in, so weather can’t affect the interior.”

Fox said San Juan differs slightly from Cucharas and La Plata. Those two both have offices and classrooms in addition to resident spaces, while San Juan is entirely residential.

Fox added that most of the rooms are three or four person suites. The apartments will include a kitchen, while the suites will not.

There will also be a fireplace on the ground floor, with central lounges on each of the six floors and views of Pikes Peak.

“The floor lounges are critical for creating community,” Giese said.

Fox believes there is a good chance San Juan may be ready even sooner than the Aug. 1 due date.

Students interested in applying for housing at San Juan or any of the dorms can find the application on Residence Life and Housing’s page on the UCCS website.