SATIRE | I was refused a ticket to review ‘PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie’ 

Movie Theater Rating: 0 out of 5 stars  

“PAW Patrol,” the television series, is focused on a young boy named Ryder who leads a search and rescue team of six dogs called on missions to save their community and its citizens. Each dog has a specific skillset that helps the team save Adventure Bay.  

“PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” was released in theaters on Sep. 29. I was excited to relive my childhood and share my thoughts of the movie compared to the iconic Nickelodeon TV show. My hope was to set the standards for what parents and their children could expect to see.  

I excitedly entered the movie theater to purchase one ticket to “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie,” where I was then questioned about why I, a college student, was purchasing only one ticket and that it was for myself.  

The lady at the ticket counter said I was “too old” to watch this movie. I explained to her that I work for The Scribe and would be writing a review after seeing PAW Patrol. I again requested one ticket to the movie so I could quickly purchase my popcorn and drink and make it to the previews.  

I began to see a line starting to form as the ticket lady pondered what step to take next. I saw her reach for her earpiece and call for a manager. Really? A manager? She proceeded to ask me to step aside to wait for the manager so she could help the next customer in line.  

I looked at my watch and saw that the movie started in 15 minutes. I didn’t have a ticket, my popcorn or a drink. I decided to go ahead and purchase my snack and drink to have ready while I waited for the manager.  

10 minutes pass and no manager. I started snacking on my popcorn, debating on walking straight to the theater and finding a seat anyways. I then saw the manager walking up to the ticket counter to assess the situation and walked towards her.  

She called me forward and explained that she understood the situation, and said she is unable to sell me ticket for PAW Patrol. At this point, I don’t understand why anyone would be refused a ticket. I guess they don’t like customers who pay.  

I was past the point of frustration and late for the movie. I refused to waste my money on the snacks to not see the movie, so I did what anyone else in my situation would’ve done. I threw the bowl of popcorn at her, having already eaten most of it, and started walking towards the theaters. I snatched another bowl that was placed on the counter to sell and waltzed right into “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.”  

As a citizen in the United States, I have my first amendment right which protects my right as a member of the press. I had an assignment to review “PAW Patrol,” and that right was taken away from me because of a ticket lady who clearly doesn’t understand the Bill of Rights.  

It amazes me how citizens act in our community. No care in the world for others and somehow, they are fine living that way. Personally, I would like to strip the lady of her rights to sell tickets or even have a job.  

The PAW Patrol is all about bringing peace within their community and offering service to others. You would think someone in customer service would be kinder and offer their help, but I guess we can’t all be like the good and noble pups of Adventure Bay.  

Horrible service notwithstanding, the movie was entertaining and fun for the whole family. Anyone would enjoy this cute and friendly movie following the six dogs who team up to prevent a mad scientist from stealing their phenomenal powers. It was completely worth being dragged out by security afterward.  

Even college students will be entertained and on the edge of their seats cheering for the mighty pups to save the day. Be warned that you may not be allowed to purchase a ticket, and if that’s the case, “PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie” will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray, plus other streaming services, in December 2023.  

Photo from Paramount Pictures.