Scholarship students share Puerto Rico’s culture

March 2, 2015

Rachel Librach
[email protected]

UCCS scholarship winners traveled to Puerto Rico January 12-19 where they helped build trenches to provide fresh water to villages and crops.

Students were so moved by the region’s culture and colorful celebrations that they decided to share their experiences with other students by hosting a Puerto Rico Cultural Event.

The event took place in the Upper Lodge on Feb. 24 from 5:30-7pm. Russell Saunkeah, executive chef of Dining and Food Services, prepared the food.

The menu featured arrozcon gandules, a rice dish with vegetables and pigeon peas, sancocoho, a vegetable stew, roast pork with sour orange marinade, and for dessert coconut flan and churros.

Joseph Ortega, a scholarship winner, described that upon returning to UCCS, the students wanted to share their experiences and Puerto Rico’s rich culture.

“The trip was so amazing, we just wanted to show our appreciation to UCCS since they generously helped with the funding for the trip,” Ortega said. “We hope, with this event, we can share our experiences and demonstrate what a great impact this trip had on our lives.”

Between the group salsa dance lesson and delicious cuisine, a few students commented on the food they sampled.

“I love the coconut flan; it’s the closest to the original flavor. Although, the meat was really good too,” said Kryzdaliz Tirado.

“The flan was the best. It had such a different taste, something I’ve never come across before. It was really interesting,” said Tristan McGuin.