SCRIBBLE | UCCS sports cuts women’s basketball, reinstates golf

UCCS made the decision to eliminate the golf program after the 2022-2023 season ended. A lot of athletes and spectators were devastated by this decision, especially following repeated success from the team.

In the wake of the backlash, UCCS gathered the Mountain Lion Sports Committee (MLSC) to discuss the future of sports following the closure of the 2023-2024 basketball season. The women’s basketball team appeared to be successful this season but failed to make the NCAA tournament after losing in the RMAC Championship.

The committee proposed cutting the basketball program, having expected greater success and received disappointment when the teams didn’t follow through. With larger funds available from the cut, one committee member also proposed reinstating the golf team, as they predict the program will be more successful than basketball.

Nora Cosby, member of the MLSC, shared her thoughts regarding how the return of the golf program will promote better interest for the College of Business at UCCS.

“With the option of the golf team returning, the PGA Golf Management Program will regain interest from students and build a better connection with that area of the College of Business,” Cosby said. “I think the PGA program will be stronger than ever, and I also think students will agree with our decision to cut the basketball program after the season they had.”

Cosby went on to explain that the men’s team shows more promise for the 2024-2025 season and that the proposal can be changed to only eliminate the women’s program.

“The men continue to prove their dedication to the game and with so many injuries this season, we really can’t judge them on their record. Even if the women had a better season, the spectators all come to watch the men’s game anyways,” Cosby said.

The MLSC met again on March 27 to finalize their proposal and prepare to present to the Mountain Lion Sports Board on March 29.

Following the board meeting, the proposal to cut the women’s basketball team and reinstate the men and women’s golf team for the 2024-2025 season was approved. The men’s basketball team will remain an established sport.

“We can reassure the Mountain Lion community that we are making the best decision for our university and sports programs. We encourage the women’s team to join intramural or club teams to continue playing and staying active. We expect to see a few transfers, but we won’t let this affect our community,” Cosby said.

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