SGA pays clubs at Halloween carnival, encourages student involvement

Members of the Lindy Lions Club at the Sultan of Swing booth.
Austin Chasse | The Scribe
Nov. 16, 2015

Hannah Harvey
[email protected]

The Student Government Association offered an incentive of $200 to each club that participated in the Halloween Carnival on Oct. 28. Each club selected an activity from a pre-approved list to compete in an additional challenge.

$300 was awarded to each club that won one of three categories: most spirited, most decorated and student’s choice. Students voted on which club they thought best fell under each category in a survey; there were more than 150 responses.

Lindy Lions won best decorated, student’s choice went to Christ in Action for their ring toss and most spirited was awarded to Delta Sigma Pi.

“We had a lot of surplus money, so this was a way to get that money out to the clubs, which is where it should be going anyway,” said Zach Woolweaver, SGA president.

A total budget of $10,413.86 was put aside for the Halloween Carnival, according to Erin Bolinger, director of finance and chair of the Budget Advisory Committee of SGA.

Woolweaver founded the carnival last year. A total of 25 clubs participated in this year’s carnival, held in Berger Hall.

“Some of (the clubs) were repeats, some of them weren’t. It was good to see new groups getting involved on campus. You definitely see a lot of fluctuation from year to year in club involvement,” said Woolweaver.

“It isn’t that we get $200 in cash, it’s more that we just get $200 that we could use for school events, so it stays within the school,” said Steve Marzulla, sophomore finance major and chair of pledges for Delta Sigma Pi.

Courtney McNeilly, senior business major and vice president of finance for Delta Sigma Pi, said she is unsure of what they will use the money for, but that DSP will vote on what the funds will go toward.

Clubs must follow the funding guidelines set in place by the SGA. The money they received from the carnival must be used for school events.

“We could take the $200 and use it to pay for the space or catering for an event, but we can’t take it off campus,” said McNeilly.

“Some would say that $500 is a lot to earn, but we try to find a creative way to reward clubs and give to the students.”