Shuttles not up to par, changes necessary

Oct. 20, 2014

DeKeveion Glaspie
[email protected]

Students who wait for the shuttle have grown accustomed to enduring every type of weather that Colorado can throw at them: rain, heat, and best of all, snow.

Despite the impending cold, the topic of the shuttle schedule remains a heated one among students, especially those waiting for a ride 15 to 20 minutes at a time. That raises some logical questions.

Questions such as how the bus is always late or why there is only one shuttle for The Lodges of Colorado Springs and one for Sunset Creek Apartments to the Lodge.

The inconvenience UCCS students face on campus with having only one shuttle toward these destinations is ridiculous. Every year, students pay fees that go toward student services such as usage of the gym, daycare, and, of course, the shuttle.

What is the point of paying money for services that are unreliable?

Students should not have to leave 45 minutes to an hour before class starts just to be on time. What the campus needs is at least one more driver for both locations.

And as it gets colder, this will get worse.

As a student that lives in the Alpine Village, I can speak from firsthand experience on how frustrating it is to wait in the cold and have the bus show up ten minutes late.

It’s like playing Russian roulette.

You can show up on time and have the bus either early or late, or take a long stroll through campus when it’s five degrees outside. As a hot topic, there was no shortage of students who had an opinion on the shuttles.

Kali Boyer, a sophomore criminal justice major, shared her feelings about the shuttle.

“I think the shuttles are fine during all seasons. I mean there is only one bus that goes to and from The Lodges,” Boyer said. “I feel there should be at least one more, but I’m pretty happy with them overall.”

Enrique León-Suárez, sophomore Spanish major, was passionate on the subject.

“I don’t think the shuttles are that great. If you’re not going to Four Diamonds you have to wait sometimes 20 minutes for a shuttle to show up and U-Hall is the worst,” he said.

“I’m a full time student and I don’t have time to wait for a shuttle. Also, I feel like shuttles need to have more than one driver in them,” he said.

“I’m at school every day nine to six and when I’m ready to go home or have to run to U-hall, I don’t have time for [the driver] to take a bathroom break. I have a schedule to follow.”

We are tired of giving up precious time that can be better used. UCCS has to address these student concerns, the sooner the better.

The winter months will quickly be ahead of us, so be prepared. Bring extra clothing; wear layers of sweaters, hats, gloves and scarves. When you’re stuck in the snow and ready to go home, have hot chocolate and the comfort of your bed be your motivation.

You may be waiting awhile.