Six Word Scary Stories challenge to spook again

Caitlyn Dieckmann 

[email protected] 

     Kraemer Family Library’s annual Six Word Scary Stories challenge is coming in full swing with submissions due Friday, Nov. 5. The challenge is an opportunity for students to show off some of their creativity. 

     The stories that are accepted will be presented on digital displays in the library, located on the second floor of the Kraemer Family Library.  

     According to Carlos Duarte, outreach and intergeneration librarian and instructor, this challenge has been going on for a few years and was originally branded as a contest.  

     Duarte explained, “In the past, we had placed the six-word scary stories on the Coffee Sleeves that the campus coffee shops would distribute. But last year, in order to think about public health concerns, we moved into an online only contest.” 

     He said, “I think this year, we didn’t want to overtax all the folks working over at Sanatorium Grounds, but it’s definitely something we’d like to get back towards in the future.” 

     Riho Sakai is an administrative assistant in the library and reported that as of Oct. 27, 64 submissions total had been received.  

     Sakai’s goal is to accept and publish all submissions, but she is checking each one for appropriateness and anything that goes against university guidelines.  

     Sakai said, “We are especially looking out for any profanity, or if its content is pretty political, then it may not be published.” 

     Duarte said, “I think in general, we just have to make sure that we keep the event light. Like, we don’t want to have too much overly gruesome or vulgar things. And I think that’s pretty much all you really [need to] screen out.” 

     Sakai also expressed that she wants everyone to have fun and show off their creativity. 

     Duarte added that this challenge is an opportunity for students to engage with the library and solidify the campus community into a more vibrant group of students.  

     Sakai said, “This is the one of Kraemer Family Library’s outreach efforts to engage with the people and the campus community.” 

     “I think, especially after the pandemic and the pretty stressful conditions you all are having to attend college during, it’s nice to have something just to give people something to look forward to,” Duarte said.