Snacking and Crafting Club combines creativity with fun

5 November 2019

Jaycie Calvert

[email protected]

The Snacking and Crafting Club offers students a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and reduce stress with a creative outlet.

Sarah Frazier, the president of the club, started the club fall 2018. She has always enjoyed being with friends while crafting and eating and thought that starting a club at UCCS would bring people together who share similar interests.

Frazier along with vice president Sarah Miller and the event coordinator Bree Renfroe collaborate by deciding on the crafts, shopping for supplies, picking the food and overall running the club. The Snacking and Crafting Club hosts multiple events throughout the semester that are open and welcome to everyone on campus who would like to participate.

“We consistently see around 30 people at every event; some will have more, and we anticipate that it will grow rapidly over the semester with our coming events and collaborations,” Frazier said.

The Snacking and Crafting Club not only promotes student creativity, but the events are also a great way to meet new people, to relax and for enjoyment.

“Our philosophy is that crafting is a great way to meet other people, reduce stress and have fun,” Frazier said.

The events are set up just for that purpose. Interacting with people at the events is encouraged, and food tables are set up for people to eat throughout the event.

The club has hosted various crafts and DIY project events, including themed crafts based on the seasons. In the past, the Snacking and Crafting Club has made Christmas ornaments, Valentine’s Day jars, air plant displays, macramé wall hangings and, most recently, autumn- and spooky-themed wall hangings. Frazier also mentioned how much the club loves seeing the creativity and ideas throughout the events.

The crafts also range in level of difficulty. “Some things are just self-guided crafts; others are events where we bring in a professional to guide us through the craft. People craft and eat at their own paces,” Frazier said.

According to Frazier, “Providing food for students also helps because students know they are getting a meal/snack when they come hang out with us.”

The club event dates change throughout the semester though the times are always 5:30-7 p.m. Events are usually held on the first floor of the University Center. Upcoming events include making ribbon photo boards on Nov. 7 and decorating sugar cookies on Dec. 3.

For more information on the UCCS Snacking and Crafting Club, information can be found at