Sports Column: Students should attend more sporting events

Lexi Petri 

[email protected]  

     UCCS has sports? It seems like a silly question, but although our school offers many sports, only a small fraction of the student population attends games. One might imagine that a lack of time is the issue, but UCCS teams play multiple games throughout the week, catering to a variety of schedules.  

     Every UCCS athlete puts in strenuous work and time into their craft in order to compete against other teams. As their peers, I believe we should attend more games to cheer them on from the bleachers. We should want to go and support the players that represent our school. 

     A player’s performance is often dependent on the number of spectators present at games. Performance won’t necessarily worsen with less of an audience; however, performance can arguably be enhanced by support of fans cheering them on.  

     As an athlete speaking from experience, my sports team was able to play more efficiently with a larger crowd and student section. The cheering fans boosted our energy and drove us to play harder. In fear of embarrassment, my team and I tended to make fewer mistakes when more eyes were on our game. 

     As students, we should also attend games to represent our school. If students are not making their appearances at games, what is that saying about our school? Compared to other schools, UCCS’ audiences are small and pitiful. Our gyms, like those of opposing schools, should be packed with little seating left. We love our school, and we need to let that show.  

     Games are also a great way to meet new people. Going out and watching our athletes compete is an excellent way to socialize as well as support both our athletes and school. Imagine if a large portion of the student body went to games; the possibilities for making connections would be unlimited. 

     El Estoque adds that attending games is a great way for students to relax, because often “students are not willing to take the time to attend a sports game, under the impression that there’s no direct benefit for them.” Games can be used as a study break to take student’s minds off classes, assignments and upcoming exams. Games are a time to clear your head, be stress free and have some fun during your college experience.  

     All students should consider attending a game to get away from the academic build up they may be enduring. Academics come first, but there will always be a week occasionally where the workload may be smaller. That is your chance to watch a game and take a break. 

     Showing support is the number one reason students should consider attending as many games as possible. Our school’s athletes can balance their schoolwork with both practices and games. Why would we not be able to balance our homework and schedules in order to attend at least a couple of games each semester? Let’s show our teams of athletes that we support them and our school! 

UCCS students cheering for a game. Photo courtesy of UCCS Photography Database. (Photo taken pre-COVID).