Spotlight: Zook sisters help set groundwork for women’s golf program

Oct. 12, 2015

Taylor Garcia
[email protected]

Golf is usually a solitary sport, but on the women’s golf team, Forre and Jamie Zook help to keep it in the family.

The Zook sisters have been playing golf together since they were 3 and 5 years old. They have been playing for so long because their father played for Kansas University.

The women’s golf team at UCCS started three years ago and the Zook sisters have been there to help the program since the beginning.

“We were always advocates for UCCS getting a women’s team even before we came here and now that we have one, I think we both want to see it keep growing and develop even after we are gone,” said Jamie, a senior.

In the past three years the sisters have seen the team grow and they are happy they have been able to be here since the beginning of the program.

“We have been able to help the underclassmen to find the balance of school and golf. Plus, helping them with the jump in competition requires a lot of dedication and time,” Forre, a junior, explained.

To decide who will compete in each tournament, the team competes amongst themselves to decide the four who will go. Despite this inherent battle, the sisters explained that this year’s team has been very supportive of each other.

The duo said that have always loved playing together because they play at the same level and are able to be honest and vulnerable with each other.

“My sister and I have played in pretty much every tournament, we have consistent stats, and I think that being upperclassmen, we are now expected to set an example and work even harder,” Jamie explained.

Going to the same university and getting to play together has brought the sisters closer.

“When we were younger we fought a lot, but I am really going to miss Jamie when she leaves,” Forre said.

“I will really miss the girls I have grown close to on the team this season and of course the tournaments,” Jamie added.

The sisters are very competitive and expressed their desire to continue playing after college.

The Zook sisters, along with the rest of the women’s golf team, are next in action at the second RMAC event of the fall season in Albuquerque, N.M. on Oct. 12 and 13.