Spring fashion: Notes to look your best as the weather warms up

March 30, 2015

DeKeveion Glaspie, Natalie Bluhm
[email protected], [email protected]

It’s time to whip out that favorite pair of flip-flops.

Spring is the chance for colorful outfits and accessories to match the warm weather. Scarves, hats and other pieces of jewelry can make or break an outfit.

A set of bracelets goes well with a bright, flirty dress, but be careful when picking out what color earrings or bracelets you choose.

Don’t overmatch with the color outfit you are wearing. Choose from either a subtle color in the outfit or an opposite color of the clothes. For a red dress, gold earrings or bracelets are ideal. Try not to have everything one color.

Styles are carrying over from last spring like the maxi-style dresses and skirts, fun printed shorts and flower patterns. Colors this season are bold with an abundance of bright yellows and brilliant reds with flowers on clothing making a more abstract appearance.

Asymmetrical cuts are popular among dresses and flowing skirts paired with lace tops.

Shorts and skirts ruled spring and summer for a long time, but rompers and jumpsuits are taking a stake in the fashion world. A jumpsuit is a blouse and pants rolled into one piece of clothing and a romper is similar but with shorts and is more casual.

Shoes range from daring sandals to soft and elegant flats. Gladiator sandals climbing up to the knee are a great way to give your outfit a little edge. Wedged sneakers and studded boots are also a great way to top off a spring outfit and work well with Colorado’s fluctuating weather.

Classy and edgy is not the only look this season. Casual with touches of elegance and glam are also making their way across the nation. A loose knit top over some leggings and finished with a wedged sneaker is a great example of how to achieve this look.

To match this new trend, women will be able to find a new array of comfortable shoes without forgoing a sense of style. Bejeweled sneakers and patterned slip-ons are popular.

Hiking in Colorado became colorful this season with a plethora of beaming colored athletic wear. Friendly patterned razorbacks with a pair of shorts and cheerful sneakers will add extra adventure to your hike.

Girls are not the only ones who can make a fashion statement. A nice snapback and sunglasses would go with almost every outfit for men.

Be bold and wear a colorful hat you bought last spring break. Cargo shorts and a casual shirt would be ideal for going to class and hanging with friends.

Always avoid socks and sandals. This goes for both men and women. Any closed shoe or sandals, without the socks, would be fine.

With a college budget it is hard to balance your money between pleasure and business. To get a stylish outfit you do not have to spend over $60 at stores like Aeropostale and Hollister.

The same outfit can often be found at Ross and secondhand stores. Not only can you find thrifty items, but you can also sell your unwanted clothes and receive store credit in secondhand stores.