Staff picks: family holiday recipes

Scribe Staff

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The Scribe staff is a diverse group of students who each bring their unique cultures and perspectives to our newspaper.

We asked the Scribe staff about what traditional recipes their families make during the holidays. These were their responses:

Joy Webb, Co-Editor-in-Chief

“A traditional recipe my family makes during the holidays is called “fluff.” It’s a combination of fresh diced cranberry, little marsh-mellows, diced pineapple, some sugar, and cool whip. This recipe was always made by my very Southern and loud grandmother, and it is the tastiest side dish/dessert.”

Cambrea Schrank, Co-Editor-in-Chief

“Banana split surprise! It’s a fruit cocktail medley, pineapple, bananas, and cherries mixed with cool whip and condensed milk. My mom only makes it on Christmas. I wait all year for it!”

Annika Schmidt, Managing Editor

“Every year, my parents make a duck on Christmas day, adorned with some more traditionally “Thanksgiving” sides such as mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, stuffing and lingonberry sauce.”

Rebekah Emerson, Business Manager

“We have very few traditions, we would rather roll with the punches and what everyone is craving that year, but there is always sweet potato casserole to be found.”

Taylor Burnfield, Digital Editor

“Every year at Christmas time, my mom makes Mexican wedding cookies. These cookies are made from butter, flour, pecans, and powdered sugar. They are delicous! On New Year’s Eve, my family makes a traditional Mexican soup called Menudo, it contains meat so I don’t eat it because I’m a vegetarian.”

Jade Ellis, Opinion / Life on the Bluffs Editor

“My family is historically European, specifically German and Norwegian, so for the holidays, we make traditional Norwegian Lefse. Lefse is kind of a crepe or thin bread made out of flour, butter, milk, and potatoes. We combine these ingredients and cook the Lefse on a skillet or griddle. Once they are cooked we add sugar, butter, cinnamon, or whatever other toppings we prefer!”

Devon Martinez, Reporter

“My Mexican side of the family makes Tamales on Christmas Eve, and we share it with everyone. It is an all-day event.”

Zach Robbins, Photographer

“Every Christmas morning my family teams up to make a breakfast that includes german pancakes and candied bacon. Dinner changes every year between ham, turkey, and brisket, but the things that remain constant every year are angel biscuits and sweet potato casserole.”

Lexi Petri, Photographer

“On Christmas morning we always make a French Toast Casserole and a Christmas Breakfast Casserole that includes eggs, sausage, cheese, and croissants.”

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