Staff Picks: Favorite vacations 

Paul Czarnecki | Editor-In-Chief 

My favorite vacation is definitely the European cruise I took a couple years ago. I would actually say that every moment I spent not on the water was a blessing, as my anxiety for getting seasick skyrocketed every time the boat shook. Oh yeah, Europe was beautiful, or whatever. 

Abby Aldinger | Managing Editor 

My favorite vacation happened back in middle school, when my family and I drove out to Michigan to visit my grandma. We didn’t tell her ahead of time that we were coming, and she was so surprised to see us! 

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor 

I went to England last January after hearing about it my entire life. It was beautiful. 

Lexi Petri | Photo Editor 

I have not really gone on a fun vacation before. I’ve been out of the state to visit family for a small vacation, but it’s not what I’d call fun. I am, however, going to Mexico this summer for the first time. It will be my first time out of the country so I already know it’s going to be my favorite vacation. 

Weston Buhr | Business Manager 

My favorite vacation was when I went to Cancun, Mexico. What I really loved was sitting on the beach, reading a book and having the luxury of not having a schedule. I was able to do whatever I wanted. I could sleep in and get food whenever I want. It was practically amazing. 

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor 

Though I have had many vacations, I think my favorite was when my brother and I did a road trip to Arizona to visit my grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. It was the first time we had ever driven a long distance by ourselves, but it went well! Arizona is one of my favorite states because of the great times I have with my family when I am there. We had so much fun! 

Scotty Dunne | Reporter 

My favorite vacation I’ve been on was probably when my family and I went out west for the first time to Wyoming. Seeing Yellowstone and all that was a big part of what brought me out to Colorado from Illinois! 

Nick Smith | Reporter 

My favorite vacation was going to Iceland. I hiked on a glacier there and drank some water from the glacier. That water was hands down the purest water I’ve ever tasted. It was such a unique experience.