Staff Picks: Our favorite holiday drinks  

As the weather grows colder, many of us at The Scribe enjoy curling up with a good drink and enjoying the festivities of the season. Whether the drinks we love are alcoholic or non-alcoholic, you can be sure the wintery spirit is with us. 

Here are The Scribe’s favorite holiday drinks! 

Paul Czarnecki | Editor-in-Chief 

Hot chocolate! 

Raven Sanchez | Managing Editor 

I don’t really have a favorite holiday drink. I just tend to drink hot tea and coffee like I usually do. My favorite is chai year-round. I guess it’s kind of festive with the spices. 

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor 

I love a good apple cider, cold or hot. On Christmas, it makes me feel cozy and warm, and the morning after, it wakes me up. 

Luke Swift | Features Editor 

Arnold Palmer. I prefer ¾ iced tea, ¼ lemonade (preferably low sugar). Try it… now. 

Lexi Petri | Design Editor 

My favorite holiday drink is the classic mimosa because it is good for a special occasion or holiday. I enjoy it most with peach champagne and orange juice. 

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor 

My favorite holiday drink is definitely green tea with a peppermint stick. I love getting a hot mug full of green tea with that light hint of peppermint. Sometimes I end up eating the peppermint before it dissolves. Oh, well! It’s good either way and the perfect way to celebrate the season. 

Zee O’Donnell | Reporter 

I’d have to go with a peppermint hot chocolate! I love drinking it on snow days or at holiday gatherings! 

Olivia Nordyke | Reporter 

I love wassail (wah-suhl). It’s like mulled cider and you can mix it with wine or drink it without alcohol. There’s an old Yuletide tradition of something called “wassailing” which was sort of like traveling in a group to carol or collect money for charity. I think it represents the spirit of the holiday well. 

Ella Barry | Reporter 

Chocolate… hot. 

Meghan Germain | Photographer 

My favorite holiday drink is peppermint hot chocolate from Dutch Bros! I love meeting up with friends and drinking hot chocolate white driving past Christmas lights! 

Neako Hallisey | Artist 

Spiked Eggnog.  

Graphic by Neako Hallisey.