Staff Picks: Our favorite professors 

Everyone has had classes with professors who make even the most complex subjects understandable and who turn learning into an engaging, fun experience.  

From professors who stand up for inclusivity to those who model their courses after a role-playing game, the Scribe staff share some of their favorite professors at UCCS in order to celebrate them and their impact on our educational experiences. 

Abby Aldinger | Managing Editor 

My favorite professor at UCCS is Ann Amicucci in the Department of English. Dr. Amicucci prioritizes an inclusive classroom and has taught me a lot about the value of giving students choice and autonomy. As a disability advocate and an aspiring professor, I really appreciate having someone like Dr. Amicucci in the English Department. She is the best! 

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor 

I have a lot of awesome teachers in the VAPA department, but I think my favorite might be my piano teacher, Shazia Ali. I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time working with her, and she’s extremely supportive and thoughtful. She helps my confidence as well as my technique. 

Luke Swift | Features Editor 

My favorite professor on campus is Joshua Dunn! He’s just an all- around great professor. I’ve had him four times in my career at UCCS and each class is better than the last. He’s a traditional lecturer who takes all his students seriously no matter their major or background. If you get the chance, I seriously urge anyone to take his “political ideas in film” course during spring break! One of the best classes I’ve ever taken, and it was only a week long! 

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor 

Though I am an English major, my favorite professor at UCCS is Marie Hoerner of the Geology Department. I first took one of Dr. Hoerner’s classes last semester and was impressed with how clearly she explains complex geologic processes and concepts. I always know I can rely on her to answer emails; she is very supportive of her students and values their success. I am thankful for her choice to be a professor and will remember her impact on my life long after I graduate! 

Scotty Dunne | Reporter 

One of my favorite professors at UCCS is Jay Hubert. The first class I took with him was cinematography, and now I’m taking an independent study with him because I have learned more in his class than any others I’ve taken! 

Olivia Nordyke | Reporter 

Morgen Thomas is wonderful. I’ve had three of her classes and I absorb so much material from her lectures. She finds such interesting information to exemplify what she’s teaching about, and she’s incredibly empathetic. 

Nick Smith | Reporter 

My favorite professor is Dr. Balk. His dad jokes are absolutely terrible but always lighten up my mood and make me smile. 

Mike Foley | Artist 

Zek Valkyrae! He’s a super fun sociology professor that sets his classes up like an old school RPG (Role-Playing Game)! It allows for a fun and motivating class experience. 

Neako Hallisey | Artist 

Mickey Gonzalez is my favorite professor. She makes hard subjects easy to follow, she encourages student learning and she brings a chicken to class.