Staff Picks: Our least favorite buildings on campus

Now that many of us are back on campus, we’ve had a chance to be in some of UCCS’ buildings once again. Since the campus has so much variety in terms of architecture and history, some of these buildings can be more confusing, dark or creepy than others.

Here are some of the Scribe staff’s least favorite buildings on campus.

Paul Czarnecki | Editor-In-Chief

The Rec Center gym! The courts are always packed whenever I try to use them, and the basketballs are never pumped up enough. Like, pump up the jam, man!

Raven Sanchez | Managing Editor

There are two buildings on campus that are tied for my least favorite. Both University Hall and Cragmor have an unsettling feeling to them.

University Hall feels like a mix of old features, new classrooms and a maze full of university furniture in weird places. I have had the most random classes in that building.

Cragmor has too much glass and makes me feel how I imagine hamsters feel in those tubes. It also has long, narrow, dimly lit, windowless hallways that creep me out.

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor

I’m not a fan of the Academic Offices building over by Austin Bluffs, so I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it. Too close to the street and it can’t decide which other buildings it’s supposed to look like.

Nick Smith | News Editor

SCREEEEECH! That’s the sound that the Engineering Building doors make. Horrible.

Olivia Nordyke | Features Editor

Dwire SUCKS. It’s annoying to have to go to because it’s behind everything, it’s always SO HOT and the interior looks like a weird hotel.

Lillian Davis | Photo Editor

Columbine! It’s either too hot or too cold and the Wi-Fi never works.

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor

My least favorite building is the abandoned ruins on the hill behind Main Hall. They’re spooky, falling apart and full of mystery. I wouldn’t want to be stuck there at night.

Ella Barry | Reporter

Ugh, I hate University Hall. Why is it so far away from everything? And why is the layout so confusing? I’ve had one class in there which didn’t make any sense to me because it was a communication class and University Hall is mostly nursing and education. I’m never going back!

Livi Davis | Reporter

I don’t think I have a least favorite. Maybe the Academic Offices building because you have to cross the street to get there.

Anna Vince | Reporter


Zee O’Donnell | Reporter

My least favorite building has to be University Hall. I always get completely lost in there and the classes don’t always say whether they are in the A or B wing.

Meghan Germain | Photographer

I would have to say Columbine because of the restrooms! They are in need of some TLC.

Neako Hallisey | Artist

Probably Centennial.

Graphic by Neako Hallisey.