Staff picks: summer of The Scribe

Julia Jackson | Managing Editor

Over the summer I enjoyed hanging out with my roommates and our cats, playing Pokémon and staying on top of chores. Although it was largely uneventful, it was the first time I felt like I did a good job of balancing “adulting” with self-care during a school break. You know you’re getting old when you finally understand the appeal of going to bed before midnight even when you have time to sleep in the next day.

Ellie Myers | Digital Editor

During my summer, I performed as Jo March in “Little Women” and an ensemble member in “Newsies,” both here in town. I got to take on the most challenging role I’ve ever attempted, and I learned so much about how writing and storytelling can impact the lives of the people around me.

Tom Baker | News Editor

Over the summer I took two classes, vacationed in Oregon for a week where I was a groomsman for my buddy’s wedding and I got engaged!

Abby Aldinger | Opinion and LOTB Editor

Over the summer, I got to explore some local spots around Colorado, including the Denver Aquarium, the Nature and Science Museum, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and the Botanic Gardens. My friend from Nebraska actually drove down here to come with me and we had a lot of fun.

In June, I got to visit Denver Pride (my first Pride experience) with my siblings, and I started a new hobby that I like to call “obsessive puzzling.” Overall, it was a great summer, and I am so grateful I got to do some new things I haven’t done before.

Lexi Petri | Photo Editor

I attended my fourth year of Country Jam in June in Grand Junction and got to see multiple amazing country artists. The headliners were Miranda Lambert, Eric Church and Tim McGraw. My favorite artist was Tim McGraw and I enjoyed going with my friend and family. We got the opportunity to meet Blanco Brown, which was a great experience, and we got to go partially backstage.

Having to work all summer, it was great to have a break and get to travel away from my hometown and be away for a few days. The best part of the festival is getting to sit in lawn chairs and just enjoy the music and good food. And next summer, I will be attending my fifth year.

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor

I had the opportunity to work over the summer, which would have been something not worth mentioning except for the fact that my coworkers are some of the best people in the world! So, as it turned out, I was able to spend my whole summer hanging out with my friends at work.

On my days off, I spent my time with family and friends. I think a highlight of this summer was when I discovered I could binge-watch “The Office.” I am so thankful for all the things I have learned this summer and the friends who have helped me along the way.