Staff Picks: Things we’re ungrateful for

In the post-Thanksgiving spirit, here are some things we at The Scribe are ungrateful for.

Annika Schmidt | Editor-in-Chief

USA drawing England in the World Cup. 0-0. Boo.

Paul Czarnecki | Sports Editor

I am ungrateful for the entire Chicago Bears organization.

Ellie Myers | Digital Editor

I am ungrateful for bipedalism because it gives humans the expectation that they’re going to grow up with back pain, and that seems like a stupid way to adapt to the environment.

Megan Moen | Design Editor

I would say I’m most ungrateful for how fast fresh produce goes bad.

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor

I’m ungrateful when I spent hours soaping up my car, rinsing it off, drying it, cleaning the windows inside and out, dusting the dashboard and vacuuming only to have it snow the very next day.

Devon Martinez | Reporter

I’m ungrateful for roads. They help me get to places, but I’m always complaining about them.

Raven Sanchez | Reporter

Inflation, global warming and daylight-saving time.

Mike Foley | Artist


Abby Aldinger | Opinion Editor

I am ungrateful for the extra $6 that Amazon Prime was charging me for several months for literally no reason at all.