Staff Picks: What the Scribe staff did over break: the academic review

We all spent time over break chilling in every sense of the word, but some of us simply did it better than others. Here’s my ratings of everyone’s breaks, or break-down, if you will.

Note: I did not ask for everyone’s permission before rating the ways they spent their break, so I better ask the opinion editor if it’s okay…hang on…she said yes.

Paul Czarnecki | Editor-in-Chief 
I spent time at home relaxing and de-stressing from the fall semester with my two cats (oh, and the rest of my family, I guess)!
RATING: Cats good, family eh. 5/10.

Raven Sanchez | Managing Editor 
I went to Denver for Christmas and celebrated five family birthdays, but other than that, I mostly just relaxed and slept in. 
RATING: That is too many birthdays. 3/10. Knock some off.

Ellie Myers | Associate Editor 
I rested. I got to draw lots of pictures and see lots of family and friends. It was exactly what I needed! 
RATING: Too sincere. 2/10.

Nick Smith | News Editor 
I hung out with friends and spent some time with family over break. 
RATING: Spicy, Nick. Way to sensationalize it for the readers. 6/10.

Olivia Nordyke | Features Editor 
Since it’s my last year of college, I tried to savor the last time I’ll ever have an entire month off for the holidays. I read some books, crocheted and learned some new songs to play on my ukulele! 
RATING: Wait, I guess college is the last time I’ll ever have a month off. A sobering realization. 7/10.

Kate Marlett | Copy Editor 
I traveled to Arizona, worked on honing my editing skills and binge watched the “Sharpe” TV series from the ‘90s. I also got to see the McLaren retail store in Las Vegas! Greatest break ever! 
RATING: Was it really? The greatest? Are you sure? 5/10.

Zee O’Donnell | Reporter 
Over the break, I spent some much-needed time with friends and family. I’ve spent a lot of time losing at Mario Party recently! 
RATING: Get your head in the game, Zee. 4/10.

Anna Vince | Reporter 
Over break, I went back home to York in the UK and spent time with my family. 
RATING: I’ve been wanting to go to York for the past three years. 10/10.

Syanna Santiago-Smith | Reporter 
For the most part, I just worked and hung out with my loved ones. I also had to recover from food poisoning on Christmas Day, ha-ha. 
RATING: Oof. 0/10.

Neako Hallisey | Artist 
I met Cameron Diaz and skied. Lots of skiing. 
RATING: Cameron Diaz, love that guy! Almost enough to make up for skiing, but not quite. 3/10.

Graphic by Neako Hallisey.