Student releases original music on YouTube

Sept. 16, 2013

Taylor Hargis
[email protected]

YouTube has become the breaking ground for many aspiring music artists. For senior Christian Fergins, this pattern looks hopeful for his own channel.

Heavily inspired by modern pop music such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Cher Lloyd, Fergins started out his channel by releasing cover songs but has since transitioned to releasing his own original music.

“I started songwriting in January. I just decided I wanted to try to write a good song and a lot of people actually loved it. I got several hundred views from my first [original] song. That was really exciting to me. I didn’t expect that to happen,” he said.

Fergins’ lyrics are mostly inspired by his personal life. “I think it’s beautiful to be able to create art just from normal, mundane life experiences,” he said. “I think just being in tune with my emotions inspires me to [write].”

As an RA, Fergins faces some difficulties in finding the right peace and quiet to record in the residence halls but manages to record all of his own background music, lyrics and harmonies using the Apple application GarageBand. “There’s a lot of sweating and yelling at myself involved,” he added.

Fergins aims for both his music and persona to be relatable. “I want people to know that I know what they’re going through,” he said. “Even if I haven’t experienced their exact life, I know what emotions are like. I know what it feels like to have life totally crush you sometimes.

“I’m someone who just wants to have fun and grow on people. I love connecting. I’m generally happy and passionate about what I’m doing, but I’m also someone who can relate to the darker sides of life.”

Fergins lightens up the serious side of his channel, which features originals with titles like “Falling” and “Heartless,” with his personality in his newest addition to the channel, vlogging or video blogging.

As he prepares to graduate UCCS, Fergins wants to release a vlog nearly every day. “I like having something to look back on. I want my last year at UCCS to be really special.”

Although being a musician is his ultimate dream, Fergins realizes the importance of having a plan B as he finishes up his degree in human biology this year.

“Have a backup plan. Pursue your education first. I wouldn’t trade these five years for anything. I’ve learned so much about myself and about other people and about the world in college than I have anywhere else,” he advised.

Fergins’ advice for anyone who may be interested in YouTube fame: “Be original. Don’t be afraid to be kinda weird or kinda different or stand out. That’s what people are drawn to – different sound, different personality.”

With a newly-released second music video and a potential acoustic performance scheduled for October on campus, Fergins is keeping busy. Nevertheless, he’s happy with what he has now.

“My music and channel in general is my center; it’s who I really am. I’m having a lot of fun right now. It’s all about the journey; I’m not focused on the destination so much.”

Fergins’ cover songs, original material and vlogging videos can be viewed at