Student veterans may receive college credit for service

Sept. 1, 2014

Celeste Burnham
[email protected]

Veterans that have transitioned back to school are often required to take classes that contain the same curriculum or content as the training or courses they had in the military.

Student veterans want their time in the military to be valid for college credit. This academic year, the Office of Veteran’s Affairs on campus collaborated with the Office of Admissions and Records to design a Military Transfer Credit policy.

The policy’s goal is to honor and recognize the work veterans have done by helping to try and get credits transferred for the work and training that they have already completed while serving.

Credits can be transferred for general education and elective requirements depending on the military transcript of the veteran, years served and their rank while serving. By having credits transfer, veterans could have the pportunity to take more classes in their major or areas of interest and save their GI Bill credit.

According o Phillip Morris, the director of the Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs, getting this new policy in place has been a very long and collaborative process that included working with admissions and records.

He also described how the program might not be for every student veteran at UCCS.

If a veteran s further along in their degree, many of the general education and elective requirements may already be fulfilled. If credits from this new policy transfer, it could push their student status forward.

For example,student veteran may be considered a sophomore, and their credit transfer could push their status to a junior. The change could result in the student paying upperclassman fees.

The policy began this summer. Morris said that the desire is to make sure the new system is handled appropriately since there has never seen a veteran transfer credit policy like this at UCCS. He emphasized that his staff is trying to adjust to he new program just as much as the students.

New students are allowed to submit their transcript for review and apply for credits to transfer until Sept. 11. Returning students will have between Sept. 11 and Dec. 20 to do the same.

Depending on the branch of military service, either the Joint Services Transcript or the Community College of the Air Force Transcript must be submitted.

Heather Kling, the program manager of the Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs, reinforced the statement on the website. Kling said eligibility for transfer credit will depend upon the veterans documented service and training.

For any further questions about the New Military Transfer Credit Policy, please visit the website or contact he Office of Veteran and Military Student Affairs or Admissions and Records