Students have one month to submit scholarship applications

     Though UCCS scholarships opened Dec. 1, for many students, the spring semester is the time to begin filling out applications. 

     The university offers scholarships based on need and merit in a variety of categories including degree program, academic year, personal background and community involvement. Merit scholarships have a deadline of Feb. 1, while need-based scholarships have a deadline of March 1, according to the general application. 

     “We encourage students to apply for scholarships every year as the opportunities available to them will change,” said senior scholarship coordinator Tamarinde Doane. 

     “Scholarships are classified as gift aid and do not need to be repaid. Scholarships help students have more time to focus on their studies,” Doane said. 

     Many awards range from $1,000 to $2,000 on the lower end and from $10,000 to $15,000 on the high end. Currently, the scholarships page lists 163 scholarship opportunities, with the earliest application due dates being Tuesday, Feb. 1, and most others being March 1. Students can access the page by through their student portals. 

     “Examples include scholarships for working students, for students transferring from a community college, for students of non-traditional age or for students who had a family member graduate from UCCS,” Doane said. 

     Students begin with the general application, which asks demographics, educational and work history, and short essay questions about other responsibilities, community and club involvement, achievements and career goals. 

     From there, other applications become available, including recommended opportunities that may be more tailored to students’ qualifications or areas of involvement. Other scholarships typically ask 1-2 essay questions, and particularly need-based scholarships require completion of the FAFSA. 

     For scholarships that do not list any essay or other requirements, students will be automatically considered based on their qualifications after submitting the general scholarship application. 

     “Chances of receiving a scholarship vary greatly depending on the amount of scholarship dollars available and the number of qualified applicants. Sometimes, only a handful of applications are received while at other times, we receive hundreds of applications,” Doane said. 

     For a more successful application, Doane said, “Make sure to read the directions carefully, supply all the required application materials, proofread the application for mistakes, and submit your application on time.” 

     Doane noted that community engagement also increases students’ chances. “Many scholarships are awarded to students who are involved in the community and give back to those around them. Make sure you describe your extra-curricular activities in detail.” 

     The following selection of scholarships are due March 1 unless otherwise indicated.