Students should reside in Colorado Springs not Denver

11 September 2018

Quinita Thomas

[email protected]

    From more affordable housing, to less congestion, to more options for exploring the amazing landscape we’re apart of, the Springs has a variety of lifestyles that fit every person and has a lot more to offer to  residents compared to Denver.

    U.S. News has looked at over a hundred cities to determine where the best places to live in terms of quality living, as well as the job market. Colorado Springs was voted No. two for the best place to live, and No. four for the best place to retire. Overall Colorado Springs has a 7.6 rating out of 10.

    Colorado Springs also attracts students and professionals. With nationally ranked colleges and construction constantly underway, the Springs can provide a higher quality living with new architecture going up every year. Aside from the economic, developmental and educational differences from Denver, the Springs offers a quieter and more laid back community.

    One of the many pros of Colorado Springs is that it’s a great place for cyclists. On top of  the various bike lanes that are in town, the city continues to strive for more lanes for its bikers.

    Another plus of living in the Springs as opposed to Denver is that there is not nearly as much traffic. As someone who originates from a city jam-packed with traffic, I can personally vouch for this. Just spending a day in Denver will make you love the Springs, because of how congested it is; not to mention the constant flow of pedestrians.

    Colorado Springs is known for the outdoors. In fact, according to Andrew Fortune, a Colorado Springs real estate agent, in an interview in Outside Magazine, he said Colorado Springs was one of the top ten big cities for active families. This includes the parks and trails that are spread throughout the town.

    Because there are so many parks and trails to go to, most of them, if not all, are connected, making it easy to go from one trail to another in a heartbeat.

    Did you know that Colorado Springs is also known for its natural wonders? For example, Garden of the Gods is a deeply historical and geologic national natural landmark spanning over 1,000 acres.

    The Springs are also known for a few of its unique features, such as Cave of the Winds Mountain Park.

From personal experience, compared to how life is in a big city, I can say that I love Colorado Springs a lot more. Not just because of fewer  people here in town, but the social framework is a huge contrast.

    Over the last 12 years of living here I have grown used to the friendly residents  and often feel out of place when I go back to my hometown because strangers aren’t as kind to one another.

    This town is also immaculate. After freshman year of college, I flew home to visit friends in the east. I forgot how dirty the big city could be, until I walked through it. So returning to cleaner streets and water was a huge relief for me.

    Colorado Springs is continuing to offer people something that other cities might not be able to due to their lifestyles.