Thanksgiving traditions, what to do with your leftovers

Nov. 16, 2015

DeKeveion Glaspie
[email protected]

Thanksgiving festivities typically consist of three F’s: food, family and football. But not every family celebrates the holiday the same way.

My Thanksgiving is nothing close to traditional.

Every year is unpredictable, and the food is usually untraditional. One year we may have Jamaican food or go to a friend’s for Filipino food. Instead of having just one Thanksgiving dinner, we typically have four or more, so we start eating early in the day.

Some families set up the Christmas tree following Thanksgiving dinner while others break the wishbone.

ReBecca Hollifield, junior English special education major, said she enjoys the holiday with friends, family and plenty of food.

“I always make way too much food and invite over any single friends and family who don’t have plans. Also, football,” Hollifield said.

Having people over for the holidays can be welcoming, but Thanksgiving cleanup means figuring out what to do with all the leftovers.

Leah Moreland, senior accounting major, shared how her family gets creative with leftovers.

“We always do a turkey, and for leftovers I invented the turkey bowl. It is layers of green beans, turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy on top. Then I microwave it,” she said.

Pinterest is a good place to look for Thanksgiving ideas and how to recover from the day. You can start a new family tradition by finding new and creative ways to get rid of leftovers.

One good way to get rid of leftover food is to give it to someone in need. There are many homeless people who will need a meal the day after Thanksgiving.

However you spend your Thanksgiving, be sure you are surrounded by friends or family, whether in person or through a small screen. And also lay back, eat and relax.