The gym is a place for exercise, not fashion statements

March 30, 2015

DeKeveion Glaspie
[email protected]

The gym is not your personal runway fashion show.

Workout shoes, headphones, water bottle. Check. And oh yeah, a crap load of makeup and jewelry. Girls deck themselves out like they’re going to club, but it’s just the gym.

Surprisingly, the purpose of going to the gym is to exercise.

Every time I walk into the Rec Center I can spot at least one girl who is wearing layers of foundation and shorts that cover maybe half of her butt. It’s understandable when women want to look good for the guys, but this is not the time or place.

Working out is not about looking cute. It’s about having a productive workout. For the most part, guys are focused on their workouts, not your clothes or makeup. They’re pushing to finish that last rep or motivate their friend.

Jewelry is also unnecessary. Studs might be fine since they don’t get in the way, but large hoops or earrings that dangle are useless at the gym.

You can’t say that you forgot that they were there because obviously you can feel the earrings hit your face while you’re breaking a pretend sweat.

Leg day has killer workouts. That doesn’t mean that the view has to be killer for everyone else. There are many times when I see girls wearing spanks that show their butt cheeks. There’s no need for that. Go get something that covers you up and looks decent.

Sport bras are also a wise investment, especially for ladies who are well-endowed. Purchase a bra that will last for a couple years.

Dicks, Nike and Sports Authority are a few stores that offer an attractive variety of athletic clothing for women, including proper workout shoes.

Girls do not have to impress the guys in the gym. There are better times and places for that. There is nothing wrong with going to the gym in comfortable, looser clothes.

The main purpose of a workout is to be healthier, not work on your modeling.