‘The Liar’ presents comedy through love

April 27, 2015

DeKeveion Glaspie
[email protected]

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Theatreworks celebrated the last play of the semester.

Written by Pierre Corneille, “The Liar” is set in 1643 France and revolves around the lives of a liar, a dunce and two beautiful young women looking for love.

The opening scene was filled with laughter from Cliton (Sammie Kinnett). Not only did he master the tongue twisting lines, but he engaged with the audience and other cast members.

Dorante (John DiAntonio) was a clever character that was a compulsive liar. Slithering out of one situation and into another, DiAntonio was the most colorful character of the cast. Whether it was planned or not, he managed to involve a few of the audience members with the script.

The exchange between Dorante and his potential lover, filled with musical numbers and puns, was the most comedic scene.

The mix of love and confusion always seems to follow Dorante. Although he is under the impression that he is in love with the fair maiden Lucrece (Carley Cornelius), he has actually fallen for her cousin Clarice (Erin Partin).

One downfall was that the stage could have been made into different sceneries instead of just one. Despite this, the cast members used their space very resourcefully, allowingthe audience to use a lot of their imagination.

Isabelle (Caitlin Wise) was a wise and spunky young servant. But her twin sister Sabine (also played by the same actress) is very strict. Isabella falls madly in love with Cliton, but Sabine makes sure to impose her strictness on the relationship.

Action was also a prominent component of the play.

Fighting for love and with the help of miscommunication, Dorante and his childhood friend Alcippe (Karl Brevik) incorporated both violence and comedy in their duel.

“The Liar” is a must see production that will have the audience wanting more. Just be sure not to blink or you will miss the plot twist that brings everyone together in the end.

“The Liar” will be running until May 10 and tickets are free for UCCS students.