‘The Syllabus’ connects campus and community

Sept. 24, 2012

April Wefler
[email protected]

The link between UCCS and the Colorado Springs community has grown even stronger.

“The Syllabus,” a video news magazine on Comcast 20, was designed to highlight news and events around the university and surrounding area.

“It’s a really nice video connection between the campus and the community,” media specialist Angie Kinnett said.

The first episode of “The Syllabus” aired in June and featured topics ranging from the groundbreaking of new student housing to graduation and the GOCA ChitChat series.

Kelsey Hunt, associate director of Media Services, joined the university in March. Hunt said Media Services wanted to create original programming for Comcast 20, and “The Syllabus” seemed like a straightforward fit.

Kinnett said that “The Syllabus” is something that they have been attempting to create for a while. “I’ve been here nine years, and we’ve tried to do this, and the fact that we are is pretty exciting,” she said.

She added that she’s eager to see where “The Syllabus” goes. The staff is starting small, filming “The Syllabus” in the El Pomar studio and with two students hosting.

There is a lot of room to grow, Kinnett said. “Start small, think big.”

Erick Murphy, a senior majoring in communication and co-host of “The Syllabus,” said that it’s the first real TV show for students and the campus.

“My hope with it is I can pass it on to the next students, and one day it’ll be student-run,” Murphy said.

He indicated that he thinks more students would be willing to run “The Syllabus” in the future if it was a class or if they got paid. “It’s impossible to have students give their time for free, sacrifice their free time,” he said.

Emily Bellizio, also a senior majoring in communication and co-host, said she thinks “The Syllabus” is a good opportunity because it brings UCCS to the community. “I think that’s important because UCCS is such a big part of the community,” she said.

“It’s basically an invitation for them. I think involving them is what makes it more appealing,” added Hunt. She also noted that the university is a great resource for the community, and “The Syllabus” shows events like exciting exhibits or lectures.

The next episode of “The Syllabus” will air at the end of September and will be posted on the UCCS YouTube page (youtube.com/uccswebservices).

Topics for the episode include the effects of the Waldo Canyon Fire on the campus committee, the opening of Cafe ’65 and the start of the fall semester.