Tips to make New Year’s resolutions successful and not depressing

Dec. 08, 2014

Scribe Staff
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New Year’s resolutions are difficult. They can really suck. Often, before they even start, they set you up for failure. More of the stories told in bars and living rooms in the months of January and February pertain to how the resolutions have failed, or are beginning to fail.

Here are four keys to making New Year’s resolutions successful: make them achievable, definable, realistic and specific.

Make them achievable. This means that the goal can actually be accomplished. World peace is not going to be created through the ef forts of one person. They cannot be too idealistic to be accomplished, like happiness. You won’t be happy all the time, it’s not possible.

Make them definable. They need to have specific, tangible stepping stones that will help you on the way to the goal. So don’t say “I’m going to lose weight.” Have specific target dates and weights that will motivate you in smaller time periods to be successful. You have to eat the meal that is a New Year’s resolution in bites, not giant inhalations.

Make them realistic. Know the limits of what you can achieve. If you want to bench press 250 pounds, and you only weigh 110, it’s probably not going to happen. Unless your life goal is to be a body builder, then you’re good.

Make them specific. The goal has to be unique to you as a person. You cannot apply a general idea to everyone. Have the goal be something unique and precise.

Look to become the best person you can be, not the image of someone that you have been presented with and told is the ideal. If everyone was the ideal, no one would be unique and the world would be a lot more boring place. So don’t make it boring, be yourself.

Compare yourself to one person: the person you used to be. And make your goals unique to you. Then, you can be successful and have fun doing it.