Trash on campus: The academic review 

We already have divided opinions on whether the campus looks beautiful or not. Let’s not make it uglier by leaving trash on the ground.  

For this one, the ratings themselves mean less than the fact that all of these pictures irritate me, so I’m slapping a number on them based on vibes and nothing else.  

  1. That’s one way to get rid of a parking ticket! 4/10.  
  1. X marks the spot where a litterer stood. 5/10.  
  1. If you’re in college, you should already know your ABC’s, and you should also know that leaving ABC gum on the ground is a kindergarten move. 2/10. 
  1. Wish someone had lifted n’ peeled this off the ground and put it in a trash can. 6/10.  
  1. This piece of trash is extra spicy, because it can cause people harm if they step or fall on it. Also not good for animals. 7/10.  
  1. A paper cup doesn’t belong in a pile of leaves just because it has trees on it. You can’t fool me — I know that doesn’t go there. 3/10.  
  1. Ultra bad for the environment. Hardy har. 2/10.  
  1. Belongs in a movie about college students directed by people who haven’t been in college for years, not on the sidewalk. It’s kind of a cool picture, though. 8/10.  

Pick up your trash.  

Graphic by Neako Hallisey.