UCCS Athletic Band supports teams through music

18 September 2018

Quinita Thomas

[email protected]

    The athletic band on campus plays at all home games for the basketball and volleyball teams. The band has over sixty-five students who have a passion for music and is open to all majors.

    “The UCCS athletic band has been around for five years. It is designed to create an opportunity for students to support their teams through music, and to continue playing music in a band situation,” said Mark Israel, the director of the UCCS Athletic Band.

    Before students can join the band they must have experience of not only playing in their high school band for at least a couple years, but also experience with reading music.

     “They have to have played in high school. We can also train the students to get them up to the level needed for playing,” said Israel.

    The band used to rehearse behind the loading dock at University Hall according to Israel. Now they rehearse at the Ent Center for the Arts.

    The band consists of a full rhythm section, french horns, guitars and other instruments needed to play in a band.

    Not only is the band open to folks of all majors but there is great diversity within the band.

    “It’s a great social connection for students. We have people from every major, international students, as well as students from across the country,” said Israel.

    Israel also says that the band gives students opportunities to take leadership positions. He says they are allowed to conduct the band, write original music and participate in public marketing. “They also have the opportunity to run the show with live audio engineering,” said Israel.

    The UCCS Athletic Band performs at all home basketball games for men and women, and as many volleyball games as they can. All styles of music are performed including, jazz, rap, Rock’N’Roll and even commercial music.

    “We get a pretty good turnout for the games,” said Israel. “We usually get about a thousand or so for the basketball games, and a smaller crowd for volleyball. This is a good way to reach out to the community so they can listen to good music and watch great basketball.”

    Students who are interested in joining the band can contact Israel directly.

    “They also get paid to be in the band,” he said. “All they have to do is show up, and we’ll get them set up with student employment. We’ll be taking students until November.”

    Even after the athletic band will stop playing at the end of fall semester, there is also a concert band that will be playing throughout spring semester. Israel also says that there are private music lessons offered in the music department for students who wish to strengthen their skills.