UCCS Facebook bulletin board aims to connect campus

Mar. 28, 2016

Alexander Nedd
[email protected]

Catching the attention of a passerby might be as difficult to achieve as studying for a final exam.

But as UCCS looks to expand, so do the ways students and staff try to reach out to one another on campus.

This semester, Sam Elliot, junior Bachelor of Innovation major, created a Facebook page, the UCCS Bulletin Board, for students to connect on.

Elliot said he understands the benefits of having information and interests of students on campus all in one place.

“I saw there were a lot of different classes or Facebook groups, but they weren’t really efficient,” he said.

“If you wanted to reach all the (UCCS groups and classes) you had to post four different times, so I wanted to create a group that combines all of them so that anyone can post on it and it works like a bulletin board.”

The UCCS Bulletin Board is a public group on Facebook open to anyone who wishes to join.

Elliot said the page aims to connect UCCS in a variety of ways. Members can post announcements, items for sale, book requests and connect with other students online without the need to go to other pages.

The system is similar to Mountain Lion Connect, a service provided by the university and used by other official groups on campus to connect students and staff with events on campus.

While MLC doesn’t use Facebook, Elliot said this works well to spread information fast.

“I know the Student Life and Leadership office is teaching every freshman class how to use Mountain Lion Connect but like my (freshmen) class, 2012, didn’t really know what (MLC) was, so there is a disconnect here on campus.”

While the page incorporates UCCS, it is not officially recognized by the university.

With 330 members, the group has informational posts since its introduction to Facebook in late February.

“I think the page is a great idea,” said freshman biology major Amber Collins. “Everyone can (get information) from one place.”

Elliot hopes the page will take off as word spreads about the public forum.

“I’ve never heard of the page,” Lauren Gonzales, a sophomore nursing major, said. “I do think it’s a good idea. Everything seems to be moving toward online and from the sound of it, it sounds like it’s a great way for students to stay connected.”