UCCS Radio wins award for best news interview show

Mar. 28, 2016

Rachel Librach
[email protected]

UCCS Radio took home two Intercollegiate Broadcasting System awards March 5 at the Intercollegiate Broadcast Conference in New York City.

Alexander Nedd, senior communication major, won first in the national competition for best radio news interview and Brandon Applehans, senior communication major, took home a finalist trophy for best sports play-by-play in men’s basketball.

The IBS serves high school, college and community radio stations as a resource for information, action and help, according to their website.

Last year, UCCS Radio had students nominated in three categories, but did not return with a first-place trophy.

Kyle Boyle, station manager and sophomore business management major, explained his thoughts on Nedd’s victory.

“This is UCCS’ first collegiate award from the whole entire nation for first place,” Boyle said. “When we actually heard Alex’s name get called out, the initial reaction was shock. Alex is a pretty outspoken and happy guy so he let the room know that he just won that award.”

Nedd won for his show “Northern California Wildfires.”

“It resonated with us throughout the evening that for the rest of the night and the rest of the school year we’re going to be national radio broadcasters for news,” Boyle said.

Nedd and Applehans were competing against four to five other colleges in their categories.

Boyle explained that UCCS Radio is made up of several committed students and it took all of them to bring home the awards.

“It takes a whole entire foundation to give a platform for someone to even have the opportunity to go give news on the radio and then take the whole group of DJ’s to collaborate and put everything together,” he said.

Nedd is also the Opinion/Life on the Bluffs Editor for the Scribe.