UCCS reimburses students for housing and parking

April 7, 2020

Due to the shift to a remote learning environment as a part of the university-wide quarantine, UCCS will be reimbursing students for spring semester parking permits and housing costs.

     For parking permits, credits will be posted to student portals. Commuter students will receive half of the original price of their spring parking permits and resident hall students will receive one-fourth of the annual cost in credit, according to the refunds webpage.

     Employees and staff members will also receive refunds for their parking permits, either through direct deposit or issued by check.

     Students received an email on March. 27 detailing the plans for a housing refund from the Bursar Office.

     Credits were posted to student accounts on Monday, March. 30, according to Christina Montoya, account technician for Student Financial Services (Bursar Office).

     Credit was prorated based on the official move-out date on March 23, according to the Bursar Office email. This credit will remain on student portals until the fall semester census on Sept. 10.

     The Bursar Office states that students will receive a refund through direct deposit if any credit balance remains on student accounts after Sept. 10.

      The housing refund also includes meal plans and housing deposits unless otherwise stated or as a result of housing damages.

     COVID-19 Refund Request Forms are available to graduating seniors and students with extenuating circumstances so they may receive refunds before the census date.

     There are no other refunds available at this time, according to the COVID-19 UCCS Refunds webpage, but updates will be posted as decisions are made.

     For more information pertaining to the effects of COVID-19 on UCCS, email [email protected] or call 719-255-4222 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

     Any other questions related to refunds can be directed to the Bursar Office at [email protected].

     Please feel free to reach out to the Scribe at [email protected] with your own personal experiences with housing and parking refunds during this time. The Scribe wants to hear from you!