UCCS, Scribe see every color of the rainbow

Oct. 6, 2014

Scribe Staff
[email protected]

With OUTober upon us, we think it time to reflect on the strides UCCS has made in support of the LGBT community and of variation in general.

The students at UCCS represent a broader demographic than most universities. Our concentration of non-traditional students showcases the different backgrounds that our students come from. We have older students, we have younger students, we have commuter students and we have military students.

And the list could go on almost infinitely.

This rainbow of students allows us to be more accepting when other colors come around.

The Scribe is comprised of our unique rainbow. We have or have had gay, bisexual, lesbian and perhaps transgender reporters. Their affiliations bring varying and welcome perspectives to the paper. This allows The Scribe to embody the school as best we can in the twelve pages printed every week.

We live by a motto: The Scribe is by and for the students. We will live up to this as best we can and encompass the lifestyles of reporters, photographers, faculty, staff and students all over campus.

UCCS is a young school comparatively, and this allows us the opportunity to implement acceptance in all areas of our campus and have a resource office devoted to the support of the LGBT community.

We are not yet entrenched in anything we do, and change is always around the corner (or concrete slab of a new building). We are adjusting as we go, which allows for the acceptance of change and different ideas.

And then there are the events. The campus will be inundated with events in the coming week or so.

Oct. 6 – Safe Zone Training
Oct. 8 – Guess Who’s Gay Panel
Oct. 14 – Rainbow pancakes
Oct. 16 – Kate Fagan
Oct. 21 – FagBugNation
Oct. 30 – Ally Appreciation Reception

The fact that these events are on campus and attended speaks to the positive things happening on our campus. Of course, it can always be better, but we have made strides.