OP: UCCS students are fed up with current shuttle practices

2 October 2018

Avi Petrucci

[email protected]

    How many times have you been late to class or work because of the UCCS shuttles? If you’re like the majority of students on campus, you’ve been late more times than you find reasonable and more times than you’d like to admit.

    Due to the chaotic parking situation on our campus, many UCCS students rely on the shuttles to get them where they need to go, making them an invaluable resource. However, the shuttles often lose their value due to their lack of efficiency, and excessive waiting periods.

   UCCS shuttles should focus more on being effective and professional.

    On a daily basis, many UCCS students find themselves running for their lives, pacing back and forth, or being left in the dirt, because of the constantly inconsistent shuttle schedules. In further detail, many of the shuttles on campus seem to ignore their, supposedly, set schedules and instead arrive and depart whenever they please. On the rare occasion that bus drivers do come on time, many students find themselves waiting in their seats for what seems like hours before they depart.

    Students also seem to boycott the shuttles because they have found that their directional signs that show their next stop aren’t always correct. This lack of professionalism and consideration often leaves students confused, stressed and unhappy when they arrive at the wrong stop.

    Many students also believe that UCCS is incorrectly spending money on the shuttles, as they have recently incorporated wifi, but haven’t bettered routes or bought another shuttle to add to the fleet.

    All in all, many UCCS students are unhappy with the way the shuttles currently run and believe that things need to change.

    In further detail, when talking to students on campus I found that many of them would rather use the shuttles to get to and from campus than drive, but find it hard to do so because the frequent errors they regularly face.

    A few students suggested that the shuttles should try harder to strictly adhere to their set schedules, which would include arriving and departing on time based on  the published timetable. The bus drivers should always update their signage and put technological advances on the back-burner for now in order to save up money and better the shuttles. Some students added that UCCS and the shuttle drivers should work together to figure out a way to quickly notify students of early or late shuttles.

   If changes like these were made, more UCCS students would happily take the shuttles to and from campus.